How do i stop Blanka's electric shock?

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  3. How do i stop Blanka's electric shock?

User Info: xerxeswasachump

8 years ago#1
I just downloaded this game. I've never been a big street fighter fan and mostly stick to 3d fighters like Soul Calibur. However, i decided to give this game a try. I've really enjoyed it so far and definitely understand how deep this game can be. Anyway, one of my friends plays as Blanka and just jump kicks and shocks me to death. I know i can just use a fireball character to hit him from afar when he is in that electric shock thing. Unfortunately, my favorite characters, Cammy and Zangief are not fireball users. How do i counter that shock spam with these characters? Or should i just switch to Ken and Ryu (boring)?

User Info: emagius

8 years ago#2
Trip (from a distance), fireball, dragon punch/flash kick, or command throw.
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User Info: xerxeswasachump

8 years ago#3
I can command throw through the electric shock? I feel like i must have tried zangief's kick command throw (where he runs forward). Also, is Zangief's crouching roundhouse kick considered a sweep?

User Info: Shippoyasha

8 years ago#4
If you're going to melee with elecric shock, prepare to get traded. And usually, traded bad. It's a really good option for Blanka especially for any and all rushers. I LOVE it when a Sagat player thinks he can bully my Blanka around. Only to eat 20% health elecriticity.

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

8 years ago#5
Some punches to the top of the head may work SOMETIMES
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User Info: xerxeswasachump

8 years ago#6
Hmmm...Well, it seems like the consensus is that Blanka is just a WIN button against non-fireball characters. What other characters are noob friendly besides ken/ryu? I'd rather not play the same old hadoken/dragon punch game.

User Info: xerxeswasachump

8 years ago#7
Actually, I really would like to stick with Zangief/Cammy if possible. So, any experienced Cammy/Zang players, toss me some advice. My Gamertag is "baker face man". Hit me up in Live.

User Info: Okame

8 years ago#8
You're playing Zangief. Just SPD him.
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User Info: Woods_of_Ypres

8 years ago#9
If you want to stop any move, just go to training mode, turn on the hitboxes and see where he's vulnerable.
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User Info: ShinAkuma777

8 years ago#10
all characters can sweep blanka out of it from a distance without taking damage some can also poke him out of it
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  3. How do i stop Blanka's electric shock?

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