Glitches?, anyone else get these glitches?

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  3. Glitches?, anyone else get these glitches?

User Info: dragula96

8 years ago#1

i got a glitch where, the lifebar information does not update, nore the name of the player, i also got all 6 victory icons at once, (screenshot)

notice blankas name is sagat and vegas life bar almost full yet he is out cold on the floor


when match was about to begin the background and my opponent art did not load!

i was left playing on a black background with an invisible opponent, i mannaged to get a few seconds of it on video.(and i still won)


User Info: Ian_Alexander

8 years ago#2
Yeah, I got glitch #1.

I hope there will be a patch after not too long that fixes the various issues.
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User Info: dragula96

8 years ago#3
was someone using blanka when it happend?

seems to be related to a glitch that leaves one player with blankas electricity on their body though the rest of the match, kind of looks like raiden. then the match after that the lifebar glitch happens.

User Info: oceandiver

8 years ago#4
Are glitches only during online play?
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User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#5
I've gotten the blank, black background glitch (my opponent was still visible, though). IIRC, it was a Guile vs. Ryu match.

I've also gotten the "electricity throughout the entire match glitch" twice. The first time I was using Blanka against Akuma, then the second against Ryu.

User Info: frozenhotdogg

8 years ago#6
i've got people flying around the screen online matches. Slow, choppy hope they fix that.

User Info: dragula96

8 years ago#7
now im starting to understang why it was delayed so much :S, and we still see stuff like this.

it must be a memory leak of somekind, since the game code is old. maybe it cant handle hd graphics that well.

User Info: lled78

8 years ago#8
1) I've gotten the glitch many times where the HUD will freeze for every game until you exit the game lobby. It seems to only happen when playing friendly matches.

2) Haven't gotten the black screen glitch you mentioned.

3) I have gotten a partial freeze glitch after trying to run the game for the first time after unpackaging the download. I could hear the sound effects for starting the game up but then the screen would freeze and then stop all together. I had to hard reset the PS3 which I wasn't too happy about.

4) I've also had my leaderboard rank get glitched out. I've seen this happen in the PSN Puzzle Fighter leaderboard. About 40-50 of my wins and 3 of my losses dissapeared from ranking, my ranking points went from around 3500 to 0 where it is now eternally stuck, and my rank dropped from 30 something to 4000 something because of my 0 ranking points. Very unhappy on this one.

The gameplay is pretty laggy. I've started to find that for most matches I'm timing my first input to execute as the announcer finishes the word "Fight!" to start the match. This is almost laughable how bad it is. For reference to show it's not my network connection, playing ST in GGPO rarely lags like this. GGPO is leaps and bounds better than this in terms of online play. This game, just like others created by Capcom USA such as Puzzle Fighter HDR exhibits poor development and testing yet again. Sadly, I'll probably be going back to GGPO ST.
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User Info: lled78

8 years ago#9
Dragula96: I've posted your screenshot and video onto the Capcom forums Tech Support page and credited you as well. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Let's hope they get the message of how crappy their development process is.

Looking at your video, maybe you were beating down people so bad that you unlocked a Super Ultra Grandmaster Challenge mode! o_0;

J/K Hoping this all gets fixed.
PSN - hamster78

User Info: kurushiiEX

8 years ago#10
I got both glitches to occur back to back against the same player online during a Friendly Match. We both picked the same characters also (Ryu vs. Cammy). The health bar/win icon glitch wasn't too bad cause I could tell the opponents health just it was red, but my bar on the other hand was impossible to tell after I lost around 75% of my health cause the real yellow bar overlay was covering the red bar that the glitch was outputting to. The black screen one was interesting. Felt like I was fighting Akuma lol.
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