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User Info: chudleighblade

8 years ago#1
Am i being thick? I am trying to input the cheat code to unlock all songs on Legends of rock . Ive played they keys and strummed with the various tabs and then pressed start to complete but nothing happens.......?


User Info: Potato_Salad

8 years ago#2
From the main menu, go to "Options", then "Cheats", then "Enter Cheat".
You then need to hold down the button and strum each note individually. So for the code to unlock all songs you need to:
Hold YO (yellow and orange) then strum. Release yellow and orange.
Hold RB (red and blue) then strum. Then release
Hold RO (red and orange) and strum.... etc etc.

The full cheat code is

Notice towards the end there are some single notes rather than chords. So for these just make sure you are only holding down the 1 fret button that it states and strum - rather than holding down 2 like in my example.
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User Info: chudleighblade

8 years ago#3
cheers, im now rockin!!!

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