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  3. Holy crap , it is REALLY DISCONTINUED IN CANADA????

User Info: Holy7777

8 years ago#1
So I try to search in the website of EBgames of Canada , None . Then I go to check in any EB games store counter , NONe , then I go to GameBuzz , NONE.

seriously? It is discontinue ? What the hell?

Do you guys think because of the Game cover that make them Discontinue? Between , US EB Stores still has the games. Good thing is that I got my copy...
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User Info: soulofablade

8 years ago#2
ehh seriously???

Well some guys on the NISA forums said that the game was illegal in canada because of the glitch with Raki.Was it really true?

User Info: RyuuHou25

8 years ago#3
It wouldn't surprise me if they banned the game for not being finished or having a fatal flaw which CAN stop you from finishing the game.

And yes, as it looks now, it's really discontinued in Canada, no stores are carrying it anymore, so whoever got it when it came out the friday before last, they're the only ones.

I suspect you could import it from the US, but if it's banned, customs might bar it from entering the country.

User Info: LegoTechnic

8 years ago#4
If true then you may as well consider it a positive sign of damage control. If they intend to fix the crashing error with Raki, then the first step would obviously be to limit the number of defective copies in circulation before they do anything else, and then go from there.

Or maybe Canada hates you for that thing you did last summer. You know what I'm talking about.
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User Info: Dradeeus

8 years ago#5
Your signiture says you're currently playing it, so it looks like you're good. Might be worth contacting NIS America about though.

User Info: DeathEater30

8 years ago#6
Yeah thats cause Canada actually cares about quality. You know one way we found about these tainted peanuts is that Canada checked the shipment and found they were moldy and had metal fragments in them. Then they sent them back to the US and the company shipped them out. Canada is doing the right thing IMO

User Info: twisvel

8 years ago#7
Aw, and they spent "all that money" making the dual language box and manual, too!

...Oh wait.

User Info: Odinfan

8 years ago#8
I've been to Canada a few times myself, and I can't deny how much better it is over there.
"It's not Ayu Ayu!" - Tsukimiya Ayu, Kanon

User Info: Odinfan

8 years ago#9
Yeah, it certainly seems like they spent more money on the package itself than the actual game.
"It's not Ayu Ayu!" - Tsukimiya Ayu, Kanon

User Info: Fenix7

8 years ago#10
Seriously? I live in Canada and went to EB yesterday and saw about 2 copies there, I got mine. So ur saying that they won't sell them no more?! Good thing, I decided to go to the mall then.
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  2. Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
  3. Holy crap , it is REALLY DISCONTINUED IN CANADA????

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