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User Info: mruffin3

9 years ago#1
Has anyone had much experience with the Fantasy Challenge option? I'm playing it and just beat the Newbie league and in the load times it talks about some pretty crazy teams like the Tridents, the Glaciers and the Deceivers. I'm wondering what level you have to get to to play these teams and what are the strategies to beat them?

User Info: ice_ninja19

9 years ago#2

Those teams are pretty crazy, the Tridents are tall and big, Glaciers sometimes go invisible during a play, and the Deceivers influence the referees and get 5 downs.

To get them you have to beat the Supreme League, which is the last league.

For strategy, run the ball against Tridents, Glaciers try to blitz them as much as possible, Deceivers outscore them, since against them having a low score is near impossible.

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