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User Info: kenshindono

7 years ago#1
i know people aren't playing this game really much, but i got it cheap and its surprisingly fun. I was wondering if anyone here knew what the real difference between the types were? I.e. what works best vs eachother. From the manual it seems you should use

mace vs. swords
sword vs spears
spears vs mace

however i dont really notice any difference in game. It seems maces in general work best against shields then you can use whatever the hell you want. If you use a sword against a spear user it takes forever to break their shield and get them. Hit them a few times with a mace and they go down fast.. thats against how it should work

whats the point? is there a dmg bonus or something? i just really dont get it
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User Info: TheCowHead

7 years ago#2
I pretty much only use Swords (fast Speed) and Maces (break shields).

Get good at the "Weapon Swap attack". (Light attack, Light attack, L or R bumper).

Also, there will be aspects that you buy that make you Sword Dash attack break shields too (very helpful).

There are a few bosses that the spear is best for, because you can "Turtle"

User Info: NameUsedBefore

7 years ago#3
How is the combat in this game? I made a thread but no one responded... Can you do combos or is focused on counter-attacks/blocks?
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User Info: TheCowHead

7 years ago#4
The combat is pretty bare bones... sort of like Dynasty Warriors, but you have more "Special Attacks" that don't really link into combos per say... so you actually have a lot of "MOVES" but not a lot of Combos

it is very satisfying, but don't expect DMC, NG, GOW

User Info: Dremain_M

7 years ago#5
I liked the spear weapon type - I ended up specializing in Athena's God power tree.

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