Does anybody play this game online?

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  3. Does anybody play this game online?

User Info: USMC575

7 years ago#1

I got this game on Launch day and their were quite a few players on LIVE. My game broke and i finally bought a new one today. I went to check the servers and their was like 1 server per game mode. Are their really only like 20 people online at a time?

User Info: Hatefish2

7 years ago#2

I hope that's not true. If that's so it's unforunate... I quite enjoyed this game's demo and was interested in trying the full game's multiplayer but if there's no one playing.. another decent game dead?

User Info: Gatekeeper999

7 years ago#3
I get into some games every now and then. Just make sure you have a mic because of of the other players will kick you out of a game if they see you don;t have a mic plugged in already. I play co-op regularly so if anyone wants to get a game going just let me know.
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User Info: EricksHinumaru

7 years ago#4
Hey, some of us are still hanging around the ol' watering hole. Drop me a FR if you'd like. I'm looking for a few mates to duke it out with.
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User Info: arcsi_simal

7 years ago#5

Yeah, I still play it, still thinks its a good game

User Info: dubvt

7 years ago#6

there's always games online, you just gotta make a few friends in the community. It's a small world with OF and you'll find yourself playing with alot of the same players continuously. Damn good game, maybe I'll see a few of you guys out there.

User Info: Phantom_Three

7 years ago#7
i get in plenty of matches.
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  3. Does anybody play this game online?

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