New Gameworlds opening.

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User Info: hendertron

9 years ago#1
I got an email from Sega asking if I wanted to join the beta, I was suprised because I totally forgot that I applied. Just thought I would try and let people know so they can check their emails. New gameworlds open on Monday.

User Info: jonboyohyeah

9 years ago#2

they want testers two worlds opening and they need 1000 in each. so join up

11th is world opening day

c u there

well on the 16th cus im not there till

then leave me the gd players plz

User Info: LeedsUnitedFan

9 years ago#3
Another two game worlds are being opened on the 15th of this month. I've got myself a place in game world Chung. ^_^
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