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User Info: Peteskeet

8 years ago#1

Are there any other similar games out there that are really good and are fun? And also has really easy controls and you have to use the mic for controlling your army.

User Info: orcbuster

8 years ago#2

If I were you i would get company of heroes and World in conflict for the PC both available on steam for a fair price.

those are fairly similar to Endwar with their own twists and nuances. Company of heroes is a bit (not much though) more resource based and world in conflict is more focused on teamwork.

think like the battlefield franchise, but like an RTS (or i guess real time tactical is more appropriate)

Supreme commander (Do NOT get the 360 version it is so buggy its not even funny) Is also a great game.

If you wanna get REALLY hardcore strategy I would maybe try out Rome total war, Medieval 2 total war and empire total war.

User Info: Peteskeet

8 years ago#3

I am only looking for similar games similar to Endwar that can be played on the 360.

User Info: orcbuster

8 years ago#4

then your options are red alert 3 or command and conquer 3

User Info: spectral

8 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: crunchb3rry

8 years ago#6
Chromehounds. It kinda sucks though.

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