Semi-Auto Shotgun vs Pump Action Shotgun

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  3. Semi-Auto Shotgun vs Pump Action Shotgun

User Info: RFShake

9 years ago#1
So far, the pump action shotgun has seemed to kill better and the semi's clip annoys me, besides the fact that with the grip, it still doesn't even kill often in one hit for me.

Anyways, discuss.


9 years ago#2
Semi-Auto, ask anyone who's played against me recently.

User Info: perfecsaiyan

9 years ago#3
I go with semi-auto.

Grip with sleight of hand kinda cancels out the small clip.
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User Info: PokerAlchemist

9 years ago#4
Lol..I went 60-5 on Vacant with Pump Shotgun it's the best shotgun there (not very many choices). You don't need grip trust me - if you have 3x frag use that instead. Put on Juggernaut to really make people mad ;). Martyrdom is a must, besides I know what you mean about not 1 shot kill -- they have juggernaut try to go around as much as possible and don't get yourself caught up in a medium range fight because you will lose.

User Info: HollisterGuy15

9 years ago#5
Definately Semi-Auto. I still don't have the grip, though @_@ Name- Brad
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User Info: killa382

9 years ago#6
if u dont have the grip u should have steady aim
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9 years ago#7
Perfecsayian- I tend to use Stopping Power. It's been so long since I HAVEN'T I really don't remember how handles, how many shells does it usually take to drop someone from say about 15ft or so?

User Info: Ninjalord121

9 years ago#8
mine would be pump action with double tap perk
i thinks its the best
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User Info: shadowscape13

9 years ago#9
double tap on the pump action.....

geez, people are still putting double tap on a single fire weapon.......i think people are confused on how double tap actually works.

User Info: ZantarV

9 years ago#10

Have you tried it? Without it the pump goes shoot - puuuuuuuuuuuuump - shoot - puuuuuuuuump.
With it it goes shoot-pump-shoot-pump. It's the g3 and the m14 that don't benefit.
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  3. Semi-Auto Shotgun vs Pump Action Shotgun

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