best G3 class?

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User Info: xainnick

9 years ago#1
ive been playing for a while now and every single time i prestige i never get the g3 marksman done because i just really suck with the gun, can anyone help me with which perks to use

User Info: BackspaceButton

9 years ago#2
obligatory post:

Silenced G3

bomb squad
double tap
iron lungs

Sorry, I had to do it.
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User Info: Redwings94

9 years ago#3
g3 silenced
sonic boom

so those nubs know ur serious
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User Info: nnjayellowvan

9 years ago#4
^thats a bit overkill.

i like
g3(sometimes acog sometimes silencer)
uav jammer or stopping power
steady aim
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User Info: BackspaceButton

9 years ago#5
On a serious note, I'd go with

G3 w/rds
Silenced USP

stopping power
Steady aim


G3 Silenced
Silenced USP

UAV jammer
Dead silence
Hollywood, Florida seems made up, then again I only know 4 of the 7 continents.- RaichuS14

User Info: BoNyKiD05

9 years ago#6
I usually go with these 3 setups.

G3 w/ M203
USP .45 w/ Silencer
Stun x1
Stopping Power
Deep Impact

G3 w/ Red Dot
USP .45 w/ Silencer
Flash x1
Stopping Power
Extreme Conditioning

G3 w/ Silencer
Desert Eagle
Smoke x1
Claymore x2
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence
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User Info: swordzman157

9 years ago#7
depending on how you play,
1. Silenced g3
stopping power
deep impact

2. ACOG/rds g3
3 frags
stopping power/jugg
steady aim

one if you want to stay alive longer another for fragging and running away from things..
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User Info: LordGamer0001

9 years ago#8
pure black with a silencer, stopping power, and steady aim or deep impact. and claymores with stun grenades.

User Info: DaSurge26

9 years ago#9

Well its mostly what fits your style. I personally love the G3 and is one of my most used classes. I would suggest:

G3 w/RDS


Whatever first class you want. I like C4

Stopping Power

Ex Con

Fits my style well but you have to experiment to find the right one for you.

User Info: levelxplane

9 years ago#10
G3 w/ Silencer
USP w/ Silencer
Stun x3
UAV Jammer
Steady Aim or Extreme Conditioning.

great for hardcore.
i don't have Dead Silence yet, but when i get it, i'll be there >_>

same goes for my AK74u class.
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