Why the ProMod rules were built for whiny scrubs

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  3. Why the ProMod rules were built for whiny scrubs

User Info: thedawgXD

8 years ago#61
"As balanced as the MP is normally, ProMod is more of an attempt to make it *more* balanced than a complaint against normal matches." -catkiller904

"Promod has less in it, but is more balanced." -catkiller904

"But Promod isn't an attempt to fix CoD. It's just...a different mode, per se." -catkiller904

No more question marks. You know full well what I'm doing here: either ProMod is an attempt to balance CoD4 and it fails at it (there are better ways much?), or it's not, and thus it's pointless because it removes half the game (my original points).

"The better player will always come out on top, rather than the person who can spam 3 stun and camp behind a wall with a M16."

Better player in your limited view of what makes a better player, or better player overall? Those who complain about camping M16A4s should die until they know how to beat camping M16A4s. It's not hard. And ProMod still allows M16s, and you can still camp behind walls, so maybe you should use a better example.

"Don't quote me on this, because I honestly don't give a ish what you think. I'm just explaining what I think. And I think pro mod takes skill because the better player will always come out on top."

If you're going to throw in what you think, I'm going to discuss it. If you didn't want to discuss anything and didn't care what I thought, you wouldn't and shouldn't be posting in the first place.

And the better player is the player who wins the contest, so in any game with rules the better player comes out on top. Can you specify exactly what you think a better player is, for reference?
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User Info: TaMaRDiK

8 years ago#62
Excellent post.

They really should call this "NoobMod" instead. Buncha crybabies who can't handle a death by anything they don't use themselves.
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User Info: DreKerr

8 years ago#63
Most ProMod players are the ones who go into a pub match with an M16 RDS using SP, Frag x3, and Deep Impact. <__<
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User Info: zombie13579

8 years ago#65
i asked the guy who edited the french ownage 1 and 2 and said shotgun has been allowed
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User Info: z0mg_SaV

8 years ago#67
And ProMod still allows M16s, and you can still camp behind walls, so maybe you should use a better example.

It doesn't allow stun x3, or any stuns for that matter.

I honestly don't care if you guys think it is built for whiny scrubs because at the end of the day, I'm better than you in pro mod and anything else. I love using M16 with 3 stuns and camping. It gives me and easy 40-5. Last night, we got a party of 6 and used nothing but M16 3x stun in HQ. Guess what? I have a 25 win streak still going as of now + I went 40-5 about every match.

I don't think that takes skill. The guy who goes 40-5 with a M16 is admitting it doesn't take skill.

Your not going to change my mind though. But I doubt that is what you are trying to do so meh. Either way, i'll crush you in pro mod, and anything else.
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User Info: zombie13579

8 years ago#68
scrub i went 25-1 tdm camp team tact with my friends
m60 jugg 3x stun last stand

i win to bad sav i win
PSN: zombie13579 and NsB-Z0MB1E
http://clan-nsb.tk/ ...... Killzone.com

User Info: gamerdude939393

8 years ago#69
Cat Killer said
1) By your logic, there are no "real pros" because of how incredibly random CoD4 is. Nobody can always do well.

umm yeah totally disagree, to prove it... thats why my KDR is 2.78 and noobs KDR is 0.34

u can tell whos better, im not a pro by any means, and i dont want to be,
however for w/e reason recently i have gotten the top score in every Hardcore TDM game, and won every FFA game using nothing but...

Primary Weapon - doesnt matter i never used it
Pistol ---------------- Deagle of course
Perk 1----------------Bandolier
Perk 2----------------on hardcore Sleight of hand on FFA Stopping power
Perk 3----------------Last stand

with that class i have owning alllllll day, increased my Win streak to 30 and still counting, using only the Deagle... thats gotta be atleast Semi-Pro!??!
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User Info: Polarbear36

8 years ago#70
"..Also, a question. If you don't care what we play and realize that people have different opinions of fun, then why do you seem so intent on proving that ProMod is for scrubs? Half of the people posting here and attacking ProMod have probably never even played a match of it in their life. If you did play it and didn't like it, then go back to pubs and have fun there, but don't come around attacking ProMod as if its giving you Cancer.

On the level of skill being discussed: Whilst you are right on the fact that one who overcomes challenges and disadvantages and still comes out on top is one who is skillful, that's not the only representation of skill. In ProMod, everyone has equal resources: no perks, guns are equivalents, no attachments. Now in ProMod, the one who comes out on top doesn't come out on top because he had a material advantage: a better perk, a better gun, a better attachment, air support. They come out on top because they used other techniques and mindsets that do take skill: knowledge of maps, accuracy, positioning, pace, teamwork, sound, awareness, etc.

All in all, like I said in my previous post, nobodies saying that ProMod is for 1337s and MP for scrubs. Nobody's forcing you to play ProMod, either. The reason we play ProMod is, as CK has already stated several times, for a change of pace game type that breathes a new fresh of air into CoD4. You take the name far too seriously, and apparently, won't understand that everybody has different opinions on fun, balanced gameplay.

Don't like it? Think it's cheap, unbalanced? Doesn't take skillz?

Don't play it."

PSN | Shockwavve
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