COD4 problem awaiting keycode authorization

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User Info: darksleuth

9 years ago#1


I have Call of Duty 4 installed with the 1.4 patch.

For some reason I keep getting the "Awaiting key code authorization" message and the timer counts to 10 and times out giving an error.

I have used the console to increase the timer to 30 and 60 seconds but still nothing.

I have reinstalled the game and it connects first time but when I restart the computer it times out giving the same message.

I reinstalled it again in a different folder and again it works but after I restart the PC I get the same message and it times out.

Hoping you can provide a solution.

Thank you.

User Info: jtb1924

9 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure it means the server you're trying to connect to is password protected. Try joining a different server.
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User Info: TheHouseofHades

9 years ago#3

No, I get that all the time too. It happens even on servers I've gotten into before. Plus I filtered out all the password protected servers in the server browser.

I don't have a clue what causes it. One article said something about changing the preference order of any network adapters, but I tried that and it made no difference.

User Info: spank_1973

9 years ago#4

I've had the same problem today, though it might of been a Windows defender update, but did a system restore to before that & it made no difference

I'm running

Vista64 & Norton 2007

Do you guys have the same programs (I remember a Norton update that caused a conflict with CoD1 ages ago)


9 years ago#5
ive started having the same problem for the past 2 days and as far as i know, ive changed no setttings or anything, help we get the answer soon :<

User Info: darksleuth

9 years ago#6

For no reason it came back on tonight...which is good:)

User Info: GC_Penguin

9 years ago#7
When I get this, restarting the game has solved it.

User Info: ashr4f

9 years ago#8
i get that too turns out when i open my task manager..the process svchost.exe was taking so much ram due to heavy internet activity..but after i restart my comp..things get back to normal..

User Info: slicer27

9 years ago#9

I am also having this same problem, I have not been able to get a server listing for 2 days, can't connect via ip as I get the 'Awaiting key co....' and then times out. I bought and built a new PC and thought it maybe something to do with that but it looks like its happening to too many people for it to be a coincidence. I never had this problem on my old machine.

Hope we find a fix soon.

User Info: _x_Phoenix_x_

9 years ago#10
played fine yesterday, not working today. i think its a cod4 problem, not a client prob.
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