Card of the Day: The Winged Dragon of Ra

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User Info: kazekamiha

8 years ago#1
The last of the Egyptian God Card, and today’s card is The Winger Dragon of Ra.

Now, before anyone asks, a clarification of the God Card reviews; I’m using their effects in game, not in the anime. Clear anything up? Okay.

When the dorms in Yu-Gi-Oh GX were named, they were named after the three God Cards. Kaiba’s was Obelisk the Tormentor and as he created Duel Academy he made Obelisk Blue the highest ranked.

Yugi, his rival, came to control all three but at first only had Slifer the Sky Dragon. Since Yugi was his rival Slifer Red became the lowest ranked dorm.

They fought for the right to face Marik and his God Card, The Winged Dragon of Ra which was the namesake for Ra Yellow and positioned between the two rivals.

Like the other two Gods this is a level ten Divine/Divine-Beast. It’s attack and defence are four question marks.

Yes, four question marks.

Again it requires three tributes, destroys itself during the end phase if special summoned and cannot be targeted by effects. Long story short; expensive to play, lasts longer than other monsters. Got it? Good.

Once tribute summoned those question marks become the combined attack and combined defence of the tributed monsters. For example, lets say we tribute the three Gadget monsters. Green has fourteen hundred attack and six hundred defence, Red thirteen hundred attack and fifteen hundred defence and Yellow has twelve hundred attack and defence. The Winged Dragon of Ra will then have thirty nine hundred attack and thirty one hundred defence.

Okay, so you break even in terms of attack at the end. But what if it’s special summoned? Answer: the combined attack and defence of the tributed monsters. As no monsters have been tributed that an attack and defence score of... zero.

It has two other effects, however, and both are quite powerful but can only be used special summoned, and you may only use one.

The first is to pay one thousand life points to knock off a monster. Helpful, and worth it on a lot of occasions.

The second is to pay all but one life point to raise Ra’s attack power by the amount offered. This can lead up to a massive hit, even a possible OTK. The problem with this one (And to a lesser extent, the first one) is it must be special summoned to do either. If it does not connect or your opponent survives you are sitting there with only ONE LIFE POINT.

Not good.

If you could use both effects freely it would have been near broken. Now it’s just a demi-god.

Rating: 4/10. The cost to summon it is big, the first effect’s is mild and the last effect can break you if your not careful.

User Info: Asbel__Lhant

8 years ago#2

Not very good, but not terrible.

User Info: PenOfStone

8 years ago#3

Could work in an OTK, but some of this card's effects might do more harm than good.

Searched -> Sixth Sense.

Sixth Sense not found. 1 Topic, but not a "Card of the Day : " topic.

Requesting that you do Sixth Sense after the god cards.

User Info: thesuggestion

8 years ago#4
Is this an official "Card of the Day"? I mean like from the UDE or TCG forums. Who here visits Or

User Info: jolly29

8 years ago#5
Hey this card is exclusively for LegendaryGamefa only. He is the only one who can used this god cards. He is the "MARIK" on these board.
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User Info: Kman0209

8 years ago#6
Such low scores?
For a God-Card it has massive potencial.

Particually if the Three Tributes aren't the three weak Gadgets....

What if you used the likes of.....three Gemini Elves, or BLS? Heck, what if your Dragon of Ra was in a BEWD Deck, and you tributed all three blue eyes for a monster that was even more powerful than the Ultimate Dragon?

9000 Atk, 7500 Def isn't something to be afraid of with its immunities also.
Sure, thats one of the best case scenario's but even with its awkward Special Summon effects it may be enough to turn a game around...even if you special summon it onto a recently torential tributed field sacrificing 4000 LP, a direct hit can win the game ;)

7/10 for me :D
~Never Forget

User Info: Ddaannyy181

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: hophoptoudrop

8 years ago#8
Particually if the Three Tributes aren't the three weak Gadgets....

I... I just outright lol'd. Wow.

Kid, a proper deck built around those 'three weak gadgets' can pretty much beat every deck in the game.

User Info: Kman0209

8 years ago#9
^For one i'm not a 'kid' as you so elequently put it.

Second, I do understand the gadgets potencial but what you failed to notice from my post was that I was evaluating their un-modified ATK and DEF points for Tribute. NOT the overall postion in the standard game.

Tributing the three gadgets nets just over a third of the power that tributing three blue eyes would...this was what I was comparing. ;)

The value of the tributes combined IMO is a crucial factor in establishing Ra's usefulness.
ie. Tributing three KotS's to summon her would give you a pathetic monster, despite her immunities. I was was exploring the sheer potencial for such a beast when the tributes aren't three lvl4 creatures with adequate 4star attack power. ^__o
~Never Forget

User Info: jolly29

8 years ago#10
It is true that sometimes it became a big golden ball? Like when Mai Valentine steals the Winged Dragon of RA from Marik and when she summon it it became like a big golden ball. Its what likely to happen if we steal that God of cards from Legendarygamefa and we summon it.
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