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User Info: Lord_Action

9 years ago#11
It's a good version, definately plays better then Tron on XBL. The disc cursor doesn't move very fast though, which is probably a good thing. Controls are: left stick moves tron, right stick left and right moves cursor, up and down changes cursor level, left triggers reflect, and right triggers throw discs.

There's still some sound quirks, but not nearly as bad as Tron.

If you're a fan of the game, it's definately worth the 400 points.
Very good, but brick not hit back!

User Info: cameeu

9 years ago#12
This game is only fun for like 30 mins, then the game play seems old....

User Info: Underminer411

9 years ago#13
^ Of course the gameplay seems old.

The gameplay is from the 1980's. In video game time, that's ancient!

I'm not sure the younger generation is grasping the concept of Xbox Live ARCADE.
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User Info: El_Skutto

9 years ago#14
It's even harder explaining to them that, at the time, those graphics were considered ground-breaking.
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User Info: FireRaiser

9 years ago#15
R U Kidding Me? This is terrible

User Info: Underminer411

9 years ago#16
I assure you, FireRaiser, at one time these graphics WERE ground-breaking. He's not kidding. I mean, you DO realize that Goldeneye wasn't the first game ever made, correct? There were actually video games long before that.

I, for one, find this game pretty fun. On a lucky game, I actually made it to #24 on the leaderboards. I'm sure I'm lower now since that was a week ago. And before the comments start, there were several thousand on the leaderboard at the time.
Currently Playing: Devil May Cry 4 & Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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