Post your gamertags for online achievements!

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User Info: Underminer411

9 years ago#1
If you just got this game and want to knock out the online achievements before the multiplayer dies out completely, leave your GT here.

GT: Underminer411
Currently Playing: The Darkness & Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

User Info: Rodni_Demental

9 years ago#2
I'll probably have all the online achievements before anyone sees this (hopefully have 200ded the game, but I won't be too arrogant).

But sure, message me if you want help in this game...
XBL Gamertag new and old: Rodni Demental/Retired Rodni
PS3 ID: Rodni_Demental

User Info: lakade

9 years ago#3
I need mine still if anyone else wants to.

GT: SuprTrupr
Anyone want a slightly used wife, comes with some bills, a big mouth, and high opinion of herself. -Explicit Dank

User Info: phimseto

9 years ago#4
My GT is "phimseto". I'm playing a lot of Lost Odyssey these days, but gimme a holler if you find me online.

User Info: El_Skutto

9 years ago#5
Add me to the list.
XBL Gamertag: El Skutto
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