Guide to P.E.C. Challenges

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User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#1
Well guys, I have seen many topics being created because someone doesn't understand how or where to do a P.E.C.

All credit goes to Tyger7 of

All videos can be found here:


I found the challenges to be a pretty fun, grinding experience. There are several spots you can do these, but to save time on listing the same level, I will be refering to one spot specifically where you will be getting most of your challenges. This spot is on level 6 (White Box Laboratories). You only have to kill the starting enemy, then make your way up and into the building. You will run down stairs and come across an in game hint on a building telling you to access the monitoring system. There is a door and next to it is a pipe you can climb. The top has glass that can be broken. I will just call the spot "The Challenge Chamber". Challenges work on every mode, co-op, splitscreen, and on any difficulty. You can replay scenes as well. Any time you complete any part of a challenge, it will automatically save and you can die/retry (which is what you will be taking advantage of). If you're creative, you will be able to get multiple challenges done in one retry. I will post videos of examples. I did all of the challenges on realistic mode and so can you. Here is a video of the area I am refering to.

I would advise to grind these challenges only after having completed all of the Hunter and Last stand missions, as you will gain tons of them in those sections, and could potentially be saving yourself some time. In Hunter for example you will get tons of kills while in the shadows, and Last Stand you can get tons of 3x kills.

Prepare and Execute Challenges

Death From Above: Neutralize an enemy using "Death From Above". (Level 3 requirement 30/30) Difficulty: 1/5

The best area to get this is in the Challenge Chamber. While above someone (either on a pipe or hanging from a ledge) the game will show you the option of hitting for a "Death from Above" takedown. You will be doing tons of these while going for other challenges.

Grab From Ledge: Neutralize an enemy using "Grab From Ledge". (Level 3 requirement 30/30) Difficulty: 1/5

While hanging from a rail or window, you may grab an enemy and throw them to the ground by pressing . It works even when they are alerted. You can move from window to window grabbing the guards as each one tries to locate you. You should get a lot of these in story, but the best spot will be on level 2: Kobin's Mansion. From the starting point run to the mansion and jump the wall (Death From Above the enemy if you'd like). Now just climb to the window and pull the guy out. Reload from that point and do it again.

5x Predator: Neutralize 5 enemies in a row without being detected. (Level 3 requirement 15/15) Difficulty: 1/5

You should get this through normal play of the game. You can use any methods you choose as long as the indicator doesn't appear red and shows you as detected. If you really are having a tough time, just go to mission 2: Kobin's Mansion. Death From Above the guy by the wall, climb up and pull the enemy out of the window, execute the guy looking over the railing through the left door, then turn out the lights. Open the right door and mark/execute the two guys standing there.

Stealth Headshot: Neutralize an enemy with a headshot without alerting other enemies. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty: 1/5

You should get this without even trying to be honest. Just use a silenced weapon and headshot enemies that aren't near anyone else. Another good way is to use a silenced alternate gun that has a zoom feature (that you purchase).

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User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#2
Mark Proficiency: Neutralize at least 2 enemies in a single Mark and Execute. (Level 3 requirement 100/100) Difficulty: 1/5

This will take a little time but still very easy. As long as you kill someone with any form of takedown (Death From Above, Ledge, hand to hand type executions) you will be able to mark enemies. The best place to do these will be the Challenge Chamber on level 6. Look below the door and mark the left and right enemies with . Climb the pipe and drop down on the middle guy. When you've landed, hit and you will perform the Mark and Execute.

3x Frag Grenade: Neutralize 3 enemies at the same time with a single frag grenade. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty: 1/5

On the Challenge Chamber, climb the pipe and drop a gernade down. After a few things said by enemies (such as Mother $%&@), they will all die. It is best if you have upgraded the grenade via the weapon stash first to make the blast radius at maximum. You also have the option of bashing the door down, throwing the grenade at the middle of the floor and running (or mixing with EMP first).

Remote Explostion: Neutralize at least 3 enemies by detonating a remote explosion gadget. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty: 1/5

You should use the above description (3x Frag Grenade) except that you have to detonate the mine.

Stunned: Neutralize an enemy who is stunned by a flashbang or EMP gadget. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty: 1/5

Stun an enemy with a flashbang grenade or EMP and execute them in any fashion you see fit. The best area is the Challenge Chamber. Climb the pipe and throw a flash grenade or an EMP grenade. Then pick the regular grenande or remote to kill all 3. You can mix this one up with other challenges. You will probably get it in regular story, but if you want to speed things up, combine it with your 3X grenade kills. You will get 3 (because you stunned 3 enemies) every time.

Behind Closed Doors: Use the mirror or snake camera to mark an enemy, then neutralize him. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty: 1/5

You will be doubling up challenges with Mark Proficiency. On the Challenge Chamber, peek below the door and mark the left and right guy. Then climb the pipe and Death From Above while hitting when you land. Here is a video.

Sonar Mark: Use the sonar goggles to mark an enemy, then neutralize him. (Level 3 requirement 100/100) Difficulty 2/5.

You will not get the sonar goggles until late in the game. An upgraded gun with 4 marks will make this go by a lot faster. Just always remember to hit first to activate the sonar, then mark. You don't have to kill the enemies while in sonar mode, just have to mark them that way. Best place is Michigan Ave where you can also get the Ledge and Mark and Execute Challenges. Also it would be a good spot for the Sticky Camera.

Shadow Takedown: Perform hand to hand takedowns in the shadows without alerting enemies. (Level 3 requirement 100/100) Difficulty: 2/5

While doing some of the other challenges, you will be getting these too. This should come along with normal play of all modes. Your screen has to be in black and white when you do the takedowns (Death From Above, Ledge, executions via ). You should be getting a lot of these while playing all of the hunter and last stand missions. Remember, shooting doesn't count, nor do gadgets.
"I can't believe how unrealistic this game is... I mean a woman president? Really?" - partonmybloc

User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#3
Sticky Camera Whistle: Make noise with the sticky camera to attract an enemy, and neutralize him. (Level 3 requirement 15/15) Difficulty: 2/5

This can be somewhat tricky at first, but once you figure it out it's not that bad. You cannot be detected at all, or the enemies will laugh at your attempt to distract them. You can kill them in any way, even by blowing the device up. You will not get this device until later in the White Box Laboratories level. It will show up and hint at you that you are able to use them. The best place is the checkpoint after that happens. Look to your right, throw the camera slightly at an angle onto the counter's side and go directly into camera mode. Make the whistle sounds, and an enemy will come to investiage in which you will be blowing him up. Upgraded helps a lot for the blast radius.

Vanish Challenges

Vanish Silently: Once you are spotted, vanish without neutralizing any enemies. (Level 3 requirement 15/15) Difficulty 1/5

There aren't many of these to do, which makes it very easy. You can get this in campaign or use a retry to speed it up. Once an enemy is alerted, run somewhere so that your screen turns black and white. You must wait until your last known location disappears. You will most likely get this doing other challenges. You may use EMP or flashbang to escape, just remember not to kill anyone.

Cat and Mouse: Perform a hand to hand takedown against an enemy who is investigating your last known position. (Level 3 requirement 15/15) Difficulty 4/5

This is the trickiest of the Vanish Challenges. You will have to be spotted, vanish, and then execute an enemy who is close (and looking for you) to your last known location. The game is very picky on this challenge. If an enemy is shooting at your last known location, it will not count when you execute him. You have to pay attention to your last known location's silhouette. If it vanishes, you are usually too late. The enemy must be close and walking to the area trying to figure out where you are. Best place I figured was the Challenge Chamber. A video is a must for this!

Mark only the left guy, then when you do Death from Above, execute him. That leaves one guy left. This will take plenty of attempts, but you'll catch on. He won't always do the same thing. Also, you can get this with any take down (like Death From Above). Some people might find it easier to jump out of a window and cross your fingers that's the window someone goes to investiage.

For alternate methods, see the links below created by other users. They might provide a faster/easier way! The first one is by Muckrak3r and the second by Maka. Or, you can scroll through the thread, as they have embedded versions without you having to copy and paste the links. I am only not embedding due to character limitations per post.

Last Known Position: Neutralize an enemy while standing at least 10 meteres from your last known position. (Level 3 requirement 50/50). Difficulty: 2/5

You will probably be getting a lot of these by shooting enemies who you had to run away from. But, easy way to get them done is the challenge chamber. You can get 3 per retry! Here's how I did it.
"I can't believe how unrealistic this game is... I mean a woman president? Really?" - partonmybloc

User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#4
Climb up, through remote bomb through glass. Climb down, burst through door (while running a step or two in) then blasting the EMP and dashing to the rail opposite the door. Detonate as soon as you get to the railing, I only looked back to deomstrate the last known position was still present. Normally you won't have time to look.

Portable EMP Escape: Use the portable EMP to vanish. Stun at least 3 enemies while escaping from a combat situation. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty 1/5

There has to be at least 3 enemies that get stunned by your portable EMP. You then have to run without killing them and vanish. The Challenge Chamber is perfect for this. You can burst through the door, use the EMP then clumb the pipe and vanish if you want. Once it's counte you can do other challenges, such as 3x Frag Grenade kills.

Flashbang Escape: Use the flash bang to vanish. Escape from a combat situation. (Level 3 requirement 15/15) Difficulty 1/5

You can use the same method mentioned for Portable EMP escape in the Challenge Chamber. Just rush in, throw a flash bang on the ground, and escape up the pipe. Luckily you don't have many of these to do.

EMP Grenade Stun: Stun at least 3 enemies with a single EMP grenade. (Level 3 requirement 50/50) Difficulty 1/5

This is extremely fast and easy. On the Challenge Chamber, climb up the pipe and throw down an EMP Grenade. Since you don't have to be spotted first, you can just throw down one at a time until you run out. Once you do run out, throw a grenade or a remote mine!

Choke Hold Freedom: Free your team-mate from a choke hold in any Multiplayer game mode. (Level 3 requirement 15/15). Difficulty 2/5

This one is only able to be completed in multiplayer. Can and most likely will be obtained while doing the cooperative story. If you try to execute an enemy whom is facing you, as well as know you're there, he will most likely use a choke hold. Your partner must be put into this situation You have a limited time to kill the guy before he kills the other player. This can be done even while you're downed but sitting up. Some people (like my partner) would get choked constantly, making this very easy to get. I would like to add that during the first mission (coop) there will be an auto choke hold on whoever interrogates him. You can keep retrying from that point if you are having a hard time with this.

Reviving Team-mates: Revive your team-mate in any Multiplayer game mode. (Level 3 requirement 15/15) Difficulty 1/5

You can do this in any multiplayer mode. You'll most likely get it while completing cooperative story mode on extreme. If not, the best way to get this is to do a split-screen hunt mission and let your alternate controller get downed.
"I can't believe how unrealistic this game is... I mean a woman president? Really?" - partonmybloc

User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#5
Splinter Cell Challenges

Mark Mastery: Neutralize 4 enemies with a single Mark and Execute. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

Once certain weapons are fully upgraded, you will be able to mark more enemies. The Five-Seven pistol works best. Check the video for "Sonar Mark" challenge, it utilizes the 4 marks to gain more sonar kills.

Advanced Stealth: Complete a level without being spotted and without retrying. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 5/5

For a very easy way to accomplish this, watch the video and follow the route I take. You should combine this with Advanced Close Combat. Pick the Washington level (carnival area). Put it on rookie and remember you cannot retry at all. This must be done in one attempt, but it's a lot easier than it sounds. You may also do it on co op modes. Pick a hunter mission for example and just let your partner (or your second controller on split screen) do all the work. I did it on realistic on the first hunter level so that I could also gain the extra achievement there. Choice is yours! The video starts in the main mission after killing the people tailing you. If you need help on that section, look in the post below which I will be putting misc. videos.

Advanced Close Combat: Complete a level without firing a single shot and without retrying. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 4/5

This is a little easier than Advanced Stealth. You can be spotted, but you can't shoot. Using gadgets is fine. Refer to the video in Advanced Stealth as well as the description. These two challenges should be gotten at the same time.

10x Predator: Neutralize 10 enemies in a row without being detected. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 2/10

This one you'll most likely get while playing through the campaign. If you want help, here is a really easy way to get it. On Kobin's Mansion, use the car alarm to kill the gate guards. Then Death From Above the guy by the wall if he is there still, if not find and kill him, then climb up and kill the guy on the ledge. Turn off the light, and peek under the right door in the room you just entered via the window. Mark the 2 guys, open the door and execute. Go to the left door, execute the enemy, then shoot the chandelier. To explain, I used a camera to film the game. It was held between my knees, so I was unable to read the in game text. So when it said "Peek Under Door", I could not tell if it was saying "Open Door". This is why I looked under it 2 additional times, which you don't have to do.

Collateral Damage: Take an enemy into human shield, and bash him against a wooden door to shatter it. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

A great level for this is Kobin's Mansion. When you climb into the window at the start of the level, go to the right and mark the two guys under the door. Now go to the left door, and hold . Now that he is your hostage, push him along to your right and you will notice an alternate route into the area with the marked men. Get close enough until the game prompts that you can bash the door and trigger that motion. Now hit Y and to kill the marked men. If you want you can do this in the Challenge Chamber. Just mark one guy under the door. Climb the pipe, Death From Above the middle guy, execute the marked man. EMP and run to the last guy and hold on him until he is your hostage. Now just bash him through the entrance.
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User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#6
Human Collision: Knock an enemy down by throwing another enemy onto him. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

Using the same method describe in Collateral Damage (the Challenge Chamber one), instead of marking, EMP when you land, take the closest guy hostage and throw him into the other. Can be done anywhere easily.

Deadly Fall: Thrown an enemy so he falls 10 or more meters. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 2/5

This is really a 1/5 difficulty but harder if you don't know the proper spot to throw someone. To the Challenge Chamber!

Kick the door down, EMP, take hostage, eliminate other targets, then throw the guy off the railing.

Environmental Hazard: Neutralize 3 enemies using a single trap or explosive. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

The first place you can get this is Kobin's Mansion (level 2). Once you climb in the window and dispatch the guy behind the left door, shoot the chandelier. Refer to the video in 10x Predator.

Security Device Diversion: Attract an enemy by disabling a security device, then neutralize him. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 3/5

This is a bit trickier, as there aren't many places to do this. The level filled with security cameras does not allow you to even shoot them. There will be an oppurtunity in Third Echelon HQ where you can shoot them later in the level. The best place to try it is actually in the cooperative mission which makes you sneak past a bunch of security guards. There is a camera at the start of the mission along with a guard nearby. Take him out when he goes to take a look.

Car Alarm Investigation: Neutralize an enemy while he is investigating a car alarm. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

You can get this on Kobin's Mansion easily. Go to the second to last car by the mansion's gate. Set off the alarm by pressing when prompted, then move to the shadows. When the enemy gets to the car, execute him in any way as long as you don't alert him. You will also get the oppurtunity to do this on the Echelon HQ level, as there are tons of cars and security guards walking around.

Human Kevlar: Mark and execute 3 enemies while holding a human shield. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 2/5

You have to first have a gun that can mark 3 people. Then, you must have executed someone with hand to hand. Finally, you must find 4 people. You can get this in a lot of places, but the easiest is Michigan Ave. Refer to the video for the Sonar Mark challenge. When you start at the shown checkpoint after saving the scientist, rush and grab the guy on the ledge when you're able to move. Now you have marks. Sonar and mark 3 or 4 of them (depends on your gun). You will be able to grab the nearby enemy and hold so that you are using him as a shield. Now just execute the marked men (they need to all be in clear view).

Group Neutralization: Neutralize 3 enemies who are stunned by a single gadget. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty: 1/5

You might have already guessed the Challenge Chamber is best here. In fact, by the time you read this you probably have it already. Climb the pipe, throw the EMP or flash bang, then throw a grenade. You can also do this with mark and execute after Death From Above.

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User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#7
Alternate Door Entry: Crush an enemy on the other side of a door by bashing into it or kicking it down. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 3/5.

There aren't a lot of places to get this easy. You have to alert someone or find someone next to a door. Sometimes you'll be the one getting kicked down! This may work on Challenge Chamber. Sometimes if you're too close to the door and make too much noise you'll hear the enemies yelling and running at the door. You'll see a glitched gun appear, this is when you kick it down. If you don't get lucky with that, later in the campaign when you get the sonar goggles is best. In the kitchen in the White House level, alert the guards and use sonar while standing by the door. When one approaches, you will be able to see him through the door and time it. Also, remember you can always close doors, and guards who are alerted might try to open them to catch you.

Breaking Glass: Shatter a window by throwing an enemy through it. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficuly 2/5

This one is only tricky because the game doesn't seem to always register it. Take an enemy hostage and throw him through a window. A lot of times they'll hit something and just bounce back after breaking the glass. I still got my challenge when this happened after several attempts, but I did find an extremely sure way of getting it. On Kobin's Mansion after you get into the window, take the guy from the left door as your human shield and throw him out the window. Make sure you're far enough back, and don't stand still while hitting the button or you'll kill him.

Effective Interrogation: Use 3 different special moves during a single interrogation. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

The first place you can obtain this is your first interrogation! Your objective is to find 3 different environmental dangers. For this scene, use the mirror/sink, one of the toilets, and the weird bathroom stall door opposite the sink.

Full Recovery: In any COOP game mode, when you are knocked down, sit up and neutralize 5 enemies before your team-mate revives you. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 5/5

You will try and try, and always end up short. You will kill 4 guys, and the 5th is out of view. You will get killed randomly, especially on realistic. Luckily there is an extremely easy spot I found with respawning enemies who run in and facing away from you. Load the 3rd cooperative level up on the last chapter, rookie mode helping. Make sure you have 3 armor upgrades on your uniform. Run to the big turret using EMP to run to the left of it by some stairs which you will be downed. Now have your partner use EMP while you kill the enemies. Also to clear up confusion, you get the challenge regardless of being revived or not.

Remain Undetected: Remain undetected for 10 minutes after vanishing. (Level 3 requirement 1/1) Difficulty 1/5

This is a challenge you get when you want to take a little break from the game. Alert some guards then go into the shadows. The Challenge Chamber is good for this, bust through the door like you own the place (because by this point, you really do) and EMP them. Now climb up the pipe and sit where it turns your screen black and white. Hang there for 10 minutes. Another spot would be during the Washington Monument level. When the game tells you about using the EMP, alert the guards, use it, then run back where you entered and duck below the stand.

CONCLUSION: The challenges are all pretty easy, just takes a few dedicated hours of grinding them out in the same spots. I'll post various videos soon on the many ways you can stack the challenges into one retry (on Challenge Chamber area). If anyone has any requests feel free to ask!
"I can't believe how unrealistic this game is... I mean a woman president? Really?" - partonmybloc

User Info: Knifegash

7 years ago#8
Excellent post, I wouldn't have found this if it weren't for you <3333333
Check out my youtube video, I'm close!

User Info: ISamfisherI

7 years ago#9
Your very welcome.. Please request for sticky so everybody can see this very well written guide!
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