Does the NSA actually have sub divisions like Third Echelon in real life?

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  3. Does the NSA actually have sub divisions like Third Echelon in real life?

User Info: StaticPenguin

7 years ago#31
To be honest I wouldn't doubt it.
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User Info: redwingsfan1

7 years ago#32
lol @ apologies .. nice to see people not being childish in this thread and working things out. Kudos to you both !

now in relevance to the topic, I'm not really sure if there are operations that are as similar to 3E, but we'll never be able to say. Every person has their opinion and can reference a book by someone else to back up their info. Which is why I'm not sure what to believe on this one.

User Info: Matthe4968

7 years ago#33

umm SAD or any special forces will always be doing somthing you dont know about. theres should already be operators in iran getting intel. also when governments are toppled by its people dont think that its a coincidence when the person who becomes the leader tries a democratic style of governing

User Info: Ralta

7 years ago#34
There are ALWAYS black ops that we don' t know about. Here in the UK, we have both MI5 and MI6 for roles in counter-terrorism and surveillance. I think it's naive to say that wet work doesn't occur just 'cause we don't hear or read about it. I remember when an ex-Russian spy was treated for extreme radiation poisoning in the UK. He had written several books, some of which accused Vladimir Putin of various assassinations and cover-ups.

I doubt any of this happens to the same extent as it does in the Splinter Cell / 24 universe(s), but I'd put money on it regardless.
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User Info: DarkReign2552

7 years ago#35
Hell, you honestly don't even have to be a part of any agency to be involved with work like this as long as you're licensed. For instance, there are on-call rescue teams that can be substituted for cops. Just everyday civilians that are trained in combat, defense, and medical fields. When you're in trouble (injured by a gunmen, home being broken into, being held hostage, etc...) rather than call the cops you can call these guys and they can legally come to your location and attempt to rectify whatever situation it is you needed them for. They have to abide by standard laws of procedure usually, but it just goes to show that with enough effort anybody could get into the business just about. (Hell, there are even hitmen and assassin's in the world that are considered to be a legal profession by government around the world (Some even considered so by the U.S Government, though not so many as there were during WWII and the Cold War.)

So do sub-divisions and Black-Ops exist? Definitely. Do you have to be a part of one to do this kind of work. Certainly not.
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User Info: cloud0123

7 years ago#36
Yes they do are you joking me?

If only you knew.....

It would scare the living piss out of you.

BTW the Echelon system is real.

User Info: MonkeyDLuffy

7 years ago#37
You can bet they have CIA and M16 agents all over China.
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User Info: sidstarter

7 years ago#38
okay..if your house is being broken into, are you not gonna call 911? Why would you look up the number to some lame security firm? I wouldn't trust them in the first place.
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User Info: sidstarter

7 years ago#39
lol at cloud
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User Info: klosekilla

7 years ago#40
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  3. Does the NSA actually have sub divisions like Third Echelon in real life?

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