Got some questions about Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction

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User Info: AstronomerJake

4 years ago#1
If you've read any of my recent topics, you would know I only play offline and am looking for games with lots of single players, like a.i. bots in team deathmatch or something, which preferably could be played offline in splitscreen, but offline alone is fine as well. Something like gears of war 3's modes offline.

1. I've done a little research but I'm still unsure what kind of single player modes splinter cell conviction has. Does have any a.i. bots like in gears of war 2/3 or unrealtournament?

2. How long is the campaign? Is it drop in/drop out for splitscreen? Like, can I play 2 chapters in the campaign, have a friend come over, and can we resume where I left off but now with 2 players?

3. How stealthy is it? Is it like metal gear solid stealthy or ninja gaiden 2 non-stealthy?

4. Just tell me general things about this game. Like I said, I'm almost 100% interested in just the single player modes that have a.i. bots or something. I'm probably going to get rainbow six new vegas 2, which I heard has a great single player mode called "terrorist hunt." Does this game have anything remotely similar to that?

5. Also, any free maps or free dlc?

User Info: dan77733

4 years ago#2
Copied and pasted from the same topic on the 360 board.

1. There's a single player mode called Deniable Ops. You can play three different types. Hunter, Last Stand and Infiltration. Hunter is basically where you eliminate the set amount of enemies in the section and then advance to the next section but if you get detected, more enemies get added. This is good for those who prefer stealth even though you can use weapons if you so choose. There are different stages like Russia, Lumberyard, etc. with several sections in each. Last Stand is where you protect an EMP (if I remember correctly) from enemies. If they get to it or blow it up, you lose. This, im not really into. Infiltration is basically Hunter but far harder as you cant be seen period plus there's more cameras and lasers almost everywhere. Extremely hard. Personal favorite is Hunter. I suggest checking out videos on youtube to get a better idea.

2. The single player is around 10 hours or so depending on how you play but can be replayed in order to reach challenges which gives you points. the points are then used to upgrade weapons, outfits and side weapons like remote mines, grenades, etc. Story is one player only. The Co-Op prologue is two players only. Can play online with someone or split screen co-op. Really wish this was single player with the second player being CPU AI controlled. Oh well. It's maybe a few hours or so. It sets up the secondary story in single player.

3. Stealth wise. Not even close to the first three Splinter Cells. Conviction is more fast paced and action based but considering the story, it makes sense. You can be stealthy if you want but there's no map or radar whatsoever so it can be difficult at times. I would consider Hunter in Deniable Ops to be far more stealth like. There's no dragging or hiding bodies. You can take enemies as hostage, use them as cover and move them behind something to hide them without actually hiding them. To use mark and execute, you must perform a hand to hand takedown which doesnt have to be done stealth like but can be if you so choose. I would say that Conviction has less stealth than MGS but MGS has less stealth than the first three Splinter Cells.

4. Already explained the other single player modes. With the Insurgency Pak and the Third Echleon Map for Deniable Ops, the single player experience expands.

5. There's one free map called the third echleon map. You can get it on Search in this forum and you should find the link to it. There's also the Insurgency Pack which has four additional maps for Deniable Ops. Its $10 but worth it in my opinion.

I'm actually playing Conviction again. Started Friday after finishing Hitman Absolution. Quite honestly, Splinter Cell Conviction is my favorite game for 360. Its not perfect and I wish I could change a few things about it but overall, I would rate it a 9/10. The story is excellent and the game is a lot of fun to play. I'm near the end of the single player campaign. Once I finish it, I'll replay it until I unlock all the challenges. Hope this helps.

User Info: TaKun782

4 years ago#3
While this one is no where near the other SC's youll have some fun with this one in its new direction. I personalley loved the story a lot and how it flows through the game. It makes a nie set piece around the end of it. :)
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