A beginner's guide to Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

    10 years ago #12
    One or two things I am not quite getting though, firstly I am playing this game and I have say three levels of civilisation settle, all of a sudden, the lower civ disappears, taxes are fine and all requirements are met, yet they just appear then disappear?

    Also, one of my civs is making demands for a university and a bath house, I have provided one of each on the two islands I have houses on and they cover every house. Yet the exclamation mark won't disappear and they keep asking for it, I cannot advance until they accept it, so what am I doing wrong here?

    Also on the tutorial mission where you have to help another colony, my civs are demanding chocolate, yet the only island which can grow it, is a piddly little island with poor caoco fertility, as a result I can only fit two farms and two apiarys and it never seems like my warehouse has any of the materials in it, plus I have spells where production slows and my population gets angry again - have no idea how I can get round this as no other islands have the fertility necessary.
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