A beginner's guide to Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

    9 years ago #24
    Some tip that might be helpful for the guide:

    Always think of your building's needs.

    You must've seen the "influence area" of a building when you tried to build it. Public buildings, splendours, military, and protection buildings do have the usual definition: how far the building can influence, but production buildings works differently: the influence area is actually the area they need to be able to work with 100% productivity. You should have noticed the percentage you see when you choose a building, 100% means it's working perfectly, and lower must not be good. Allocate the sufficient space for your buildings. Placing 2 cattle farms side-by-side will lower your buildings' productivity, and this is not good. Sure, having 2 79%s seem to work better than 1 100%. But do this too much and the productivity may be as low as 59%.

    Note: factories have different use of influence area, it indicates which buildings' resources can this building use, otherwise it will take the goods from the market

    Try to build with great efficiency

    Anno 1701 is a Real-Time Strategy, that said, your resources will increase as the time flows, which happens to be a vital resource. Wasting your time to wait for a building to have the stock transported to a market will be a waste of time, even 1 sec per transport will be 1 minute long if you played long enough. Try to build factories as near as possible with their source (e.g. build a market beside your shipyard, you'll be surprised to see how fast the ship builds, up to 12 secs flat only, it happened to me). Think of the source's needs too, building them too near to the factory (except for grain farm and apiary) may lower their productivity. Also, try to remember what building needs what source. Build a lumberjack near an ore smelter immediately, don't wait until the game tell you to do so. Doing this will let your resources arrive at market and warehouses faster, and so your needs will be fulfilled quicker.
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