A beginner's guide to Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

    8 years ago #30
    Some comments on questions asked in this topic:

    > later in the game, once you successfully conquer an enemy island,
    > demolish their buildings to recover some $ and lower your building maintenance costs
    In fact, I have found that unless you have a very high income or very high amount of gold, sometimes you will need to demolish enemy buildings to prevent yourself going broke.
    In Chapter 5, Mission 15, if you simply take over all the enemy buildings and never demolish anything, your expenses will be astronomical (those Outposts are very expensive). It appears, however, that you cannot demolish something where there has been a recent battle, so you might have to wait a while before demolishing; I would like to demolish some of the Outposts the minute I gain control of them, so that the enemy can't attack them back and use them as a base, so that my troops there will automatically disperse to my other buildings that need them, and so that I don't incur the expense of maintaining the Outpost. But it seems to take a while before the game will show the "Demolish" icon.

    >Another question, I have built on an island which is quite big,
    >as a result I am only using half of it, the other half I was planning
    >on using for house construction, however I cannot build on it,
    >when I try to, it blacks the area out and the building appears
    >in red indicating it cannot be built (even though there is plenty of space).
    >Do I need to colonise the other half of the island with another warehouse
    >or is there something I am overlooking?
    You must build a Market over toward that half of the island.
    Each Market or Warehouse has an area it affects, and you cannot build anything outside these areas. Building Markets is inexpensive, allows expansion into new territory, and makes your economy run better. And they act as military buildings if you are attacked. So having lots of Markets is a good thing.

    >I built a spice farm on a remote island and I never seem to gain spice
    >in my main island settlement. I'm wondering how do I transfer spices
    >from a remote island to satisfy the people in the main settlement?
    >Maybe I am gaining spices, just not noticing them...
    If your people are not complaining, maybe you are producing just enough for them to consume all you are producing. In any case, you want more than that, so build another spice farm. Note, however, that another possibility is that you are building the spice farm on an island that is not fertile for spice. Click on the spice farm and then look at the bottom number on the top screen--if the number is 50 or less, you're on a bad island to be growing spice. If it is 0, it means the farm will *never* produce *any* spice.