A beginner's guide to Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

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    Some comments on questions asked in this topic, continued:

    >Why is it I always have such a hard time trying to produce even scarce
    >amounts of jewelry and chocolate? I always build the desired amount
    >of factories/apiaries/etc, yet my stock is constantly dwindling and I rarely
    >have enough money to keep production running at a feasible level.
    Yes, jewelry and chocolate are hard to produce. You sometimes have to build many mines/farms/factories to get a reasonable surplus going. I have seen times where I had 6 jewel mines and 6 jeweleries going to try to keep up with demand. And even then, the surplus doesn't show up right away, but comes slowly. Just realize that if your people get to the levels where they are asking for this stuff, your tax income will go up with higher-level people, but you will need to really try hard to get them enough jewelry and chocolate.
    Note that the jewelry building is very expensive to run. In Story Mode, there is a Mission where you have to produce a lot of jewelry to give to Fergus and also to give to Queen Marybeth. Then the very next mission, you are left on your own and told to get your economy going, but with few resources, your people can quickly become unhappy and you can get into a negative income before you know it. One quick way to reduce expenses quickly is to demolish some of the jewelrys--you don't need to be producing so much jewelry anymore.

    >Also, can anyone help me out with conquering other islands? I can
    >send fleets with 10 ships yet I really can't seem to get a good hold on
    > an island before getting pushed back and defeated.
    Probably the most important thing is to upgrade your troops and your ships in the Academy. You can upgrade each twice. Going into a fight with troops that haven't been upgraded is tough--they get beat up on.
    As far as fighting goes, show up with 5 full ships. Get 4 of them near the beachhead you're going to use, then have the last ship establish the beachhead. Pick the beachhead option that is closest to the enemy barracks (or closest to the most barracks). Attack the enemy barracks first (with full ships, you should be just about guaranteed to take the barracks). Move more troops into the beachhead from one of the other ships, then attack another building with them. Keep doing this. It is pretty chaotic, I admit, but if you can get all the troops on the ground in a small amount of time, you should be in pretty good shape. Make sure to hold the barracks, and if you lose it, attack it back--you want to be producing troops in the middle of the fight, not having the enemy produce them. If your beachhead gets destroyed before you've unloaded all your troops, this is no big deal, just have one of your ships that is still full establish another beachhead (in fact, destroying the ship to establish the beachhead, then rebuilding the ship is most likely faster than saving the empty ship and having to sail it all the way back to your island to fill up with troops again). But I think a well-done attack often doesn't need reinforcements. I was able to conquer the main enemy island in Chapter 5, Mission 15, Hard mode, with only 5 fully-upgraded ships, full of fully-upgraded troops (250 troops total).