A beginner's guide to Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

    7 years ago #35
    ferofax, you said that after you put one of your ships on a beach head, you then clicked on the other to ships to set their demands to zero...where would i find the option to set a ship's demands to zero? This final(?) battle seems impossible even set on 'easy'.

    it's in the military command of every ship, every green-roofed building, and outposts. remember how you had to go to the military command and use the lower slider to set how many troops you're going to use to attack/move? the demands slider is the one on top. slide it all the way to the left to set it to zero. if there aren't other places where soldiers can move to, it'll stay in place even with the demands set to zero (this is how you get surplus soldiers). once a building in range has space, those buildings with zero demands will automatically release soldiers as needed.

    a few tips that i could think off for you to be able to beat the final battle is to really just make a good, solid population base, all Aristocrat level. try to upgrade all of your military buildings to max, then FILL them all with troops (it helps a lot, as Francois WILL whittle these numbers down), and still have around a relatively good positive income. my main island was doing around 800+ gold with barracks at rest (but not disabled), and around 300+ gold with the barracks going full blast.

    you don't have to hurry, but if you're going the surely-but-slowly route, be prepared to defend a lot, so make sure you don't wait too long. if you're pretty sure that your two (you should capture the north-western island) islands are well prepared with full to brimming military buildings, make sure you're able to maintain a stable income. try to leave it on overnight (like i did), build up a sizable fortune to the point you're comfortable going full-blast with barracks and shipyards, then have fun destroying Francois. ^_^
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