Kuja vs. Sephiroth vs Ultimecia

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User Info: xhominid

9 years ago#1
the rules of this fight:
1.No powered up form(unless you find a way to make TC Ultimecia as weak as AC sephiroth or Super Trance Kuja, not saying they're weak.
2.No BS, say the reasons why he or she will win.
(since the administrators deleted my last 2 vs topics, i made this one FF villians only)
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User Info: VinCon01

9 years ago#2
Well, in terms of purely physical combat, Sephiroth would crush the other two. It's different when we bring magic and overall ability into the discussion. I suppose it also depends on what you mean by "powered up". Ultimecia and Kuja's "powered up" forms are pretty clear (TC and Trance), but Sephiroth has several "powered up" forms.

- His only form that hasn't been powered up from a previous form in any way is SOLDIER (AKA: Pre-Nibelheim) Sephiroth.

- His Base form in FFVII is a powered up version of his SOLDIER form.

- His Bizarro form is a powered up version of his Base form (In Bizarro's case we pretty much have nothing but gameplay to go on).

- His Safer form is a powered up version of his Bizarro form (Like Bizarro, we pretty much have nothing but gameplay to go on).

- While the only one we see in AC, his AC form is his strongest known form, which would make it a powered up version of Safer.

So the only one with no powering up whatsoever in the FFVII storyline is his SOLDIER form, in which case he lacks his telekinesis and ability to go intangible, but still retains a number of abilities. So if we only use their Base forms (Meaning Kuja, Ultimecia, and SOLDIER Sephiroth), and assume that this is just their innate skills (No materia, no items, nothing like that):

Physical: Sephiroth >>>> Kuja >>>> Ultimecia.

- Sephiroth is clearly the best here. When it comes to Kuja and Ulty, I made Kuja superior because while we've only seen a few small displays of physical abilities (Such as durability when dealing with an explosion), we've at least seen something from him.

Magical: Ultimecia >>> Kuja >>> Sephiroth. Ultimecia's magic, as a Sorceress, is probably superior to anything that Sephiroth or Kuja have at their disposal. We know that Kuja has the potential to have at least a few spells (IIRC, people in FFIX don't require anything to use magic, but I may be mistaken). Sephiroth, on the other hand, has no known innate magic. Note that I don't consider things such as telekinesis "magic" as much as I see them as unique skills (Not that it matters anyway, given that he doesn't get telekinesis until after Nibelheim).

Overall: Ultimecia >>> Sephiroth >= Kuja.

1) Ultimecia has the advantage here. She has protect (Which was capable of stopping a shot from what we'd assume is a high-powered rifle with no strain), she can stop time (Or at least cast stop, as shown in the television studio), and being a Sorceress, she has access to pretty much any kind of magic. Meaning anything we've seen in the story, including Fire-based spells (Garden battle), Ice-based spells (Garden Battle), Lightning-based spells (Garden Battle), Cure spells (Desert Prison, though the exact effects aren't known), what appears to be Stop (Television studio), and Protective spells (Parade).

To add to that, she has several other abilities, such as telekinesis, and the ability to junction herself to things/people (Such as with Griever, or IIRC, to Rinoa while possessing Adel).

2) I put Sephiroth here because, while Kuja seems to have magic abilities, we don't see many of them or how they work in the story. Meaning that when it comes to Sephiroth and Kuja, it would be mostly physical. And while Kuja has shown some serious durability by surviving a direct blast from Bahamut, he hasn't shown the sheer number of physical abilities that Sephiroth has, such as speed, strength, etc, etc.

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User Info: Some_Character

9 years ago#3
Should I note that Ultima is more powerful than Super Nova and Apocalypse?
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User Info: Rappy28

9 years ago#4
Should I note that Ultima is more powerful than Super Nova and Apocalypse?

*waits for some fanboy to come and say "but super nova destroys all planetz!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!1!1"*
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User Info: holyflame4

9 years ago#5
but super nova destroys all planetz!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-
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User Info: Lordfrostwolf

9 years ago#6
Super Nova is highly ineffeicent

Great Attractor is much more accurate
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User Info: maniacm1990

9 years ago#7
I'm backing Kuja on this one. Sure Sephiroth is a lot stronger physically but we've seen from Kuja Holy, Flare, flare star, numerous other magical attacks including the power to remove sandstorms and an almost irriversible sleep spell. The only one who could break it was Beatrix and that took 4 tries.
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User Info: Linha-Fone

9 years ago#8

She holds them with TK, or stop time. Then they will be her playthings, until she is bored and kills them..

User Info: ManaYuka

9 years ago#9

Ultemecia never achieves TC, this topic is VOID.
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User Info: mogwaimon

9 years ago#10
Sephiroth may have little innate magical abilities, but let us not forget that no one in FFVII really has innate ability unless they master materia.Were Sephiroth to have some materia in his possession (He was able to cast Bolt 3 at least during that scene when he was playable in FFVII) then he would have magic to use against Ultimecia and Kuja. Of course, Ulti and Kuja both have natural magic, yea, so Sephiroth would be back at the rankings the above poster gave him were he not to actually possess materia.
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