Rabbit's Foot?

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User Info: Allenshayvor

8 years ago#1
Where can I get the Rabbits Food needed for the Beckoning Cat accesory?

User Info: ArchRival

8 years ago#2
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User Info: vXKayXv

8 years ago#3
Yeah, i wanna know too.
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User Info: Beans4Brains

8 years ago#4
Yellow Gem from Fusoya Ghost Card battle with Golbez (Level 100, very difficult) or Stiltzkin 6 (easy but very rare drop).

Luck Shard and Luck Crystal both battlegen drops from Bartz. Quick battle versus him and keep rematching him.

Use Moonrise and 2x Sunrise + multipliers.

User Info: FlameX_Kenji

8 years ago#5
I think you gotta make it before they start selling it in the shop. Here's the ingredients:
Yellow Gem x2 ; Luck Shard x2 ; Luck Crystal x1

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