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User Info: jasper_13

7 years ago#1
Hey Everyone, just bought Dissidia after being addicted to disgaea dhds for AGES........

After playing a few games the game feels solid and i'm wondering who is generally thought of to be the best character (based on the metagame) I dont know if the tiers are accurate...

Thanks :)

BTW Seph seems to be who im best with ATM, is he any good?

User Info: Overlord_Joshua

7 years ago#2
Zidane, Golbez, and Terra are the best.

I know you're addicted to DHD. You've been spamming those boards for a week.
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User Info: drako691

7 years ago#3
The "best character" depends on your own playstyle. For example i think cloud and squall are best, but someone else might (would) argue that there the worst

User Info: MastersForm

7 years ago#4
Jecht, Golbez, Sephiroth, and Zidane
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User Info: MastersForm

7 years ago#5
Jecht, Golbez, Sephiroth, and Zidane
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User Info: jasper_13

7 years ago#6

haha yer, it took getting all my characters to lvl 9999 to give up (340 hours)

Great game though, one of the best ive played in ages....

so basically the tier list is spot on, zidane, golbez, jecht are the best?

User Info: PatteTheDude

7 years ago#7

..Live and let live..

User Info: Overlord_Joshua

7 years ago#8
Zidane, Golbez, Terra, Kuja and Jecht are usually considered the best. Zidane's extremely fast, and has almost instant HP attacks. Golbez's ground game is awesome. Terra's Ex Mode, and pretty much everything else, is awesome. Kuja plays as long distance, and he can glide without Ex Mode. He and Terra are very versatile. Jecht's the hardest to use, you have to completely master the timing of his combos, but if you do, it really pays off.
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User Info: Rouenne

7 years ago#9
Well I say Kuja is the best after Golbez, but I give you an overall view of all characters (My personal view BTW):

-WoL: Well balanced in air and ground, two solid BRV to HP attacks. Doesn't really excel though but is like a Ryu in this game, not too hard to use and very rewarding.

-Garland: Pretty strong in terms of ATK but predictable as well, his HP attacks aren't very good so he will need practice for uising well.

-Firion: A tricky character, two unblockable moves that lead to HP attacks but lacks completely of aerial game (except for Weaponmaster) the trick is to drag the opponent to you. His ex mode gives him the blood drain ability that restores his HP in an amount equal to the damage he inflicted

-Emperor: Trap setter. Not much of an offensive character (in terms of straight attacking) But you set traps around the place and watch the opponent blow from one place to other. His exmode works just like firion's.

-OK: Extremely fast with many BRV to HP attacks. His huge attack speed is kind of hindered by his lack of power and his standalone HP moves are hard to land, but well timed he can be deadly.

-CoD: Pretty good and extremely fun to use character, has some good BRV attacks and her Particle Beams arsenal is pretty versatile in terms of range and angle.

-Cecil: Fun to use but tricky as well. The swithcing between Paladin and Dark Knight is a bit hard to get used to to used properly, but with practice that is solved.

-Golbez: A true monster, high attack power, pretty good ranges and many BRV to HP attacks. The side effects of his attacks don't disappear when staggered by a block so it's likely they will still land.
His ex mode gives him the Black Fang skill that is long casted but instantly breaks the opponent.

-Bartz: Mixes up moves from other heroes for a rather versatile moveset in terms of range, with some projectiles and added effects. Also his Ex Mode gives him the Goblin Punch skill, the fastest HP attack in the game.

-ExDeath: Very hard to master but the ultimate counterpuncher, his attack options aren't very good but the whole point of using him is getting used to his special blocks. If you master him you will be untouched the whole battle.

-Terra: An excelent ranged fighter, quick spells, the deadly Holy to Ultima combo and solid HP attacks for ranged combat and Tornado for close enemies. She is ideal to keep away opponents and safely drain their HP. Also she is freaking cute. Her exmode grants her the double cast spell that allows her to use the same spell twice immediately

-Kefka: The guy is a bit hard to get used to, his spells are erratic and hard to predict but that pays off. His exmode makes his spells even crazier and more powerful, making them really hard to tell where they come from and usually land well. As you may imagine he is mainly a ranged fighter.

-Cloud: My personal favorite; has enormous attack power and most of his attacks have wall rush effect, meaning 1.5 damage most of the time. He has his problems though, he is heavily a close range fighter with little projectile game (except for the fire mindgames) and is really predictable and slow to attack. His HP attacks aren't very good since they are hard to land, but his BRV to HP attacks are top notch. You don't really need to land many hits to kill your opponent. Also his ex mode has the sweet Ultima Crush ability that makes his attacks unblockable and Omnislash is the strongest Ex Burst in the game.

-Sephiroth: Just like Cloud he has slow and predictable attacks, but his are a bit faster and he has insane range. He also has some good projectiles and his multi hit blows are deadly with skills such as riposte or counterattack. Like Golbez he has a long cast spell in his exmode, but his doesn't break the opponent, just lets them with 1 BRV point, however it comes out faster.

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User Info: Rouenne

7 years ago#10
-Squall: IMHO the best comboer in the game, has an amazing BRV game but he lacks of a really solid HP attack to finish opponents, so you will have to practice that. However he easily puts most opponents on break and his ExMode gives him a double strike ability (each blow damages twice) and increases his attack range.

-Ultimecia: Not really my choice, most of her attacks are for keeping away the opponent, but lacks a good HP move and her close range choices are none. She has a time stopping skill in her ex mode, but even with her opponents still she doesn't have many attack choices.

-Zidane: Fast and powerful, his aerial game is the best in the game, has some really good combos that lead to good HP attacks. His standalone HP attacks are good as well, especially Free Energy, an extremely fast HP move. Not hard to master and a powerful character.

-Kuja: He practically can fight at any range, though he needs some practice to use at 100%. Has good attacks for any distance and quick and powerful HP attacks. So it doesn't matter where the opponent is, Kuja can always fight back well.

-Tidus: Pretty fast, but aside quicks step his attack speed is slow. His dodge counter moves are too slow for a good offense (you can miss with Cloud's attack speed and still dodge his counter) However he has some good BRV to HP attacks, just needs timing and practice.

-JECHT: The most manly character in the game, but aside that. He is the best infighter of the game (so he has no projectiles) doesn't have BRV to HP attacks as such but he can make his BRV attacks combo to them (needs some practice before you can pull it off though) His Jecht Block stops any attack (Even HP attacks and Cloud's Ultima Crush) and he deals heavy damage.
Also he is pretty damn fun to use.

-Shantotto: Never used her.

-Gabranth: As the description states he is completely weak outside ex mode, but once in it he gets a huge arsenal of well ranged and powerful moves. His power greatily increases and has deadly combos.

THAT'S JUST MY OPINION. I could be wrong in many parts. I hope it helps.
Most people forget that games and cards are for fun

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