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User Info: eva05

7 years ago#1
Hi Everyone

The Black Powder | Red Earth beta has landed on facebook. The first entry point into the world of BPRE an is a long way from where we started but we are hoping this is the beginning of many cool BPRE games to come.

We've released a world back story/prologue video now streaming on YouTube:

You might be curious how we ended up here(a web based role playing game), when we started as a multiplayer only first person shooter! There were many events that led to this place.

The major change in the setting was driven by what the story wanted to be....rooted in modern conflicts and based closely on the dozens of accounts relayed to us by more than half a dozen special operations contractors....I was spending far too many cycles trying to create analogues for everything we learned in our future world and in the end, we were fighting against what the story/setting wanted to be for the kind of game we wanted to make.

Where's the FPS? The team had developed 3 solid maps and a functional gameplay model, but when we tried to get funding it was not enough. We discovered, publishers in general have little interest in PC focused games that are not MMO type experiences. The ones that were interested wanted to own everything we created outright reducing the company essentially a production house. With the amount of blood we put into the game, we couldn't live with that.

So we started to look at what a small team could produce with no outside investment. Enter facebook.

A social role playing game? We were always trying to figure out how to tie social networks and gaming together. When facebook emerged as a huge platform for games, it seemed a natural fit. While crime games are currently very prevalent, there were few military game and those that existed had very poor production value. This is a place we could shine.

We many of the same core mechanics and in some cases, missions derived from the same scenarios that drove the FPS levels, we've done some very unique things with our game vs other facebook games in terms of both narrative and behind the scenes of our story. We also have a comic book(script complete) that is in the process of being penciled and inked and a short film/video piece in the works, all set in the same world.

But I won't spoil it. Search for Black Powder | Red Earth on facebook and asked to be added to the beta. Mention this thread and we'll add you in. There's exciting times ahead. We hope you'll be there for the ride :)

"Karma is justice without the satisfaction. I don't believe in justice."
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