Goingmyway locations

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User Info: fullofmullarkey

9 years ago#1
Wiki listed:

mt hobbs
sylph cave
chocobo forest
bahamuts cave
waterfall cave

My goingmyway is not at any of those places. Has anyone else had luck elsewhere?


User Info: RevenantThings

9 years ago#2
He's randomly in dungeons. So either have extreme patience and extra time and traverse every nook and cranny through every dungeon, or wait until your New Game+ to find him. I had a topic that tried to get user confirmation. I found him myself in the Octomammoth cave just before the boss fight.
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User Info: SBAllen

9 years ago#3
My poor neglected FAQ...

-Chocobo Forest southwest of Baron Castle.
-Chocobo Forest northeast of Fabul Castle.
-Chocobo Forest south of Mount Ordeals.
-Chocobo Forest south of Troia (near a bridge).
-Chocobo Forest east of Troia (on the island by itself).
-Underground Waterway. Enter from Damcyan side and he'll be on the west side of
the map past the bridge near the door leading up.
-Mt. Hobbs (where you fought Mother Bomb).
-Sylph Cave. Second Basement close to where you obtained the Mage Masher.
-Bahamut Cave. First Basement near the Genji Shield chest.
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User Info: VeghEsther

9 years ago#4
and if he still isn't in any of the above locations is because you never won a Single Rainbow Pudding.

The only way for Goingmyway to appear in those locations in the first place is if you trigger the events starting with the 1 that requires the Rainbow Pudding to be won first.

IMHO the Rainbow Pudding Item drop is just as rare as trying to win Pink Tails for Adamant Armors via the SNES/PS1/GBA version ie its only a 1% item drop chances.

Even with Treasure Hunt decant equipped first it took me over 5+ hours fighting the yellow flans just to get a Rainbow Pudding drop.

User Info: RPGamerdude

9 years ago#5
^What the hell are you talking about? If he's looking for Goingmyway, he should be way past Puddingway. According to the FFIV DS Wiki, the sequence from Puddingway is:


TC got that Rainbow Pudding forever ago if he's looking for Goingmyway.
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