An Augment guide for those who always want more *SPOILERS*

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User Info: Fierypaw

6 years ago#261
Hmm, I'm really liking someddrnoob's augment set-up, but I've already started SB Allen's one for the first playthrough. Also, I've farmed for tails so I'm not starting it too late to convert?

User Info: Fierypaw

6 years ago#262
I quickly went through and got a list of differences between SBAllen and someddrnoob's augment guides...

SBAllen / Someddrnoob

First Playthrough
-Tsunami: Tellah / Edge
-Twincast (x2): Cecil and Rosa / Cecil and Tellah
-Bluff: Rydia / Tellah
-Bardsong: Tellah / Fusoya
-Fast Talker: Rydia / Rosa
-Inferno: Fusoya / Edge
-Brace: Cecil / Rydia

Second Playthrough
-Limit Break. Kain / Cecil
-Curse: Give to Cid / Kain
-Twincast (x2): Kain and Rydia / Kain and Rosa
-Bluff: Edge / Rydia
-Fast Talker: Rosa / Cecil
-Draw Attacks: Edge / Kain
-Adrenaline: Kain / Cecil
-Gil Farmer: Whomever / Cid
-Brace: Rosa / Edge

Third Playthrough
-Limit Break. Rydia / Kain
-Counter: Rydia / Kain
-Tsunami: Edge / Kain
-Twincast: Edge / Edge and Rydia
-Hide: Rosa / Rydia
-Last Stand: Rosa / Rydia
-Whirlwind: Kain / Rydia
-Adrenaline: Rydia / Kain
-Darkness: Give to Rydia / Edge

User Info: Fierypaw

6 years ago#263
Ehh, sorted out already. Sorry for the triple post...

User Info: Incronaut

6 years ago#264
i just read action's FAQ about who to give a limit break to.. and i also read the topic GauRocks set up about why he decided on Cecil/Rydia for Limit breaks... but i didnt quite understand.. what was the reasoning for giving the Limit Break to Rydia over Kain? from the FAQ it seemed pretty convincing that Kain was the better option

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

6 years ago#265
Finally came up with a Stat Maxing setup I'm happy with, and felt like sharing. As with many of these setups, creative use of Auto-Battle is required. :)

Lvls 71-99 - ????'s Love
Lvls 71-99 - Piercing Magic
Lvls 71-99 - Omnicasting
Lvls 71-86 - Inferno
Lvls 87-99 - MP+50%

Also adds +290 HP and a whopping +500 MP to Kain's final HP/MP total.

Lvls 71-99 - Whirlwind
Lvls 71-99 - Tsunami
Lvls 71-99 - Inferno
Lvls 71-90 - Dualcast
Lvls 91-99 - Salve (or any +1 Spd Augment)

Also adds +535 MP to Rosa's MP total (like she needs it...).

Lvls 71-99 - Attack (Can sub out for Level Lust / Treasure Hunter)
Lvls 71-99 - Limit Break
Lvls 71-99 - Whirlwind
Lvls 71-99 - Twincast

Also adds +580 HP and +435 MP to Cecil's final HP/MP total (-290 HP if Level Lust or Treasure Hunter was used)

Lvls 71-99 - Limit Break
Lvls 71-99 - Inferno
Lvls 71-99 - HP+50%
Lvls 71-83 - Last Stand
Lvls 84-91 - Gil Farmer
Lvls 92-99 - Phoenix

Also adds +710 HP and +290 MP to Rydia/s final HP/MP total.

Lvls 71-99 - Curse
Lvls 71-99 - Tsunami
Lvls 71-99 - Whirlwind
Lvls 71-90 - Ninjutsu
Lvls 91-99 - Phoenix

Also adds +535 MP to Edge's final MP total.

Benefits of the above setup:

- Tries to maximize HP/MP gain where possible after reaching 99 for each stat.
- 2 Piercing Magic Augments are unused (Good for Rosa/Rydia).
- 2 Omnicasting Augments are unused (Good for Cecil/Rosa and Rydia to a lesser degree).
- 1 Tsunami is not needed, which makes it safe to give away in first playthrough (i.e. Tellah).

I used a spreadsheet I created to make this setup. If you want a copy, PM me and I'll email it to you.
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User Info: MrBibblesw0rth

5 years ago#266
Its extremely easy to farm soma drops and apples, so I don't really see how adding mp/hp through items is a good tactic. You have to be sacrificing something that wont be later farm-able (like soma/apple are).
Someone tell me I'm understanding my current augment path so far. I'm currently going with SBAllen's guide as a base, though I plan to give up Gil Farmer in this playthrough. Sort of a mish-mash of this topic's guide and the other.

I want Bardsong on Rosa and Twincast on Cecil/Rosa for my first playthrough. I'm currently up to Mount Ordeals and also have a save just before the Augment Issue becomes fairly relevant. I can get said augments on said characters if I give the Tsunami and Bluff to Tellah, yes? Only two characters need Tsunami for stats and Bluff loses usefulness the further you pass 50 INT. Can I make it work out?
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User Info: evillocke

5 years ago#268
Lamias are the best apple ground. FOr somas the dark wizards are great.
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User Info: yangsoon

4 years ago#269
I recommend put reach argument for cecil first play through. why. he have draw back and counter. I see most people set up 3 strong melee char and rose.rydia on the rear. I rather put cecil on the rear, the rest doesn't matter since he took all the hit, and very useful for 2nd playthrough from the beginning

User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#270
Or put Reach on Edge, who can't take physical hits well even with endgame gear on, who has nothing better to use, while Cecil will likely be full-up on Draw Attacks, Counter, Limit Break, and Treasure Hunter. I never found room for Cecil to use Reach.
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  3. An Augment guide for those who always want more *SPOILERS*

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