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8 years ago#1
Version 1.0
First released version by me. I've used the old Board FAQ along with some of my own experience to write this one. Special thanks to RevenantThings for writing the first one.

Keyword System
Many FAQs here on GameFAQs utilize the Keyword system. It utilizes the Find Function on Notepad and Wordpad. In addition, this feature can also be used on many commonly used internet browsers.

The keyword system is used at the start of each section. When reading the Table of Contents, you'll see the following by a certain section:


Press Ctrl+F and type in the following:


And you'll immediately be brought to the corresponding section after you press Enter. Make sure you don't drop the ^ or you'll end up elsewhere on the screen.

Table of Contents

General Section
[101] Learn to use GameFAQs
[102] Clarity
[103] Mark your SPOILERS
[104] Check the FAQs
[105] Check the topics
[106] Rumors = HORRIBLE
[107] Deleting saved games

Version Questions
[201] This was FINAL FANTASY II on the SNES! Why is it wrong now?
[202] What's new in this version?
[203] Who's Whyt?
[204] What's new with the Fat Chocobo?
[205] What are Whyt's minigames?
[206] Has the music been changed?
[207] I JUST GOT KILLED BY [insert enemy here]!! WTF?!?!?!
[208] This version is really easy. Why is that?
[209] I hear about glitches in this game. Is that true?

Storyline Questions
[301] How do I beat Dark Knight Cecil?
[302] Is the Kain in FINAL FANTSY IV the same as the child Kain in FINAL FANTASY II?
[303] The Dark Elf just killed me and I got a Game Over! What's up with that?

Gameplay Questions
[401] How do I beat the Dark Elf?
[402] I need help with the Namingway sidequest!
[403] The "Wait" option doesn't work!
[404] How do I beat [insert boss here]?

Augment Questions
[501] How do I get character Augments?
[502] Where can I get all the Augments?
[503] Do Augment effects stack or keep effect when a character is KO'd?
[504] Who should I give Limit Break to?

User Info: Action

8 years ago#2
~ General Section ~

A few things we ask of you before you post:

^[101] Learn to use GameFAQs
No, this is not a joke. Learn the GameFAQs Terms of Use (which you agreed to when you signed up for this site) and learn the basics of posting. It'll help you to maximize your online experience here and help you follow all the other rules here.

If you don't know where these files are located, here's some help for you.

GameFAQs Terms of Use (applies to GameSpot users as well):

Here's the Annotated Terms of Use (for those who want more details):

Here's the GameFAQs Help Files if you want even more info:

^[102] Clarity
If you're going to ask for help, the least we ask of you is some decent grammar and spelling in your posts. Since most of us are cranky bastards anyways (okay, mostly just me), we'll just get irritated if we don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Having a topic title that follows these same parameters also makes people who answer your posts happy. Trust me when I say that having 5-6 topics that all say "newbie question" or "a few questions" isn't exactly fun by any means. Also, is it really that hard to press the Enter key a few times?

^[103] Mark your SPOILERS
A SPOILER is a critical plot detail. Revealing one without giving any warning is against the GameFAQs Terms of Use (and GameSpot as well).

Some common spoilers are as follows:
- Character dies at a point in the game.
- Character isn't real, character is replaced by android/demon clone/etc.
- Character gains immense power at this point in the game.

If you're in doubt about whether or not you're talking about a Spoiler, mark it anyways, just to cover your ass.

To mark a Spoiler, I usually go like this: <SPOILERS> with the Bold tags and everything so that most anyone will see the warning.

Two rules you should follow when posting any Spoilers whatsoever:
1. DO NOT PUT THE SPOILER ITSELF IN THE TOPIC TITLE It totally defeats the purpose of putting a SPOILER warning.
2. LEAVE SOME SPACE BETWEEN YOUR WARNING AND THE SPOILER ITSELF Putting 50 lines isn't necessary, but at least give a little space so that some poor sap won't accidentally read it.

For example, something you wouldn't want to do is this:
So and so <SPOILERS> dies at this point in the game.

As you can see, it's nearly impossible to see the warning and then just stop. What I usually do is leave a few spaces in between so that they can at least hit the Back button. Like this:


So and so dies at this point in the game.

It gives a little more time for the user to backtrack if they don't want to read the Spoiler.

^[104] Check the FAQs
This site is called GameFAQs for a reason. All those FAQs/Walkthroughs/Maps were created by users, just like yourself. Amazing, isn't it?

Reading those FAQs will greatly enhance your knowledge of the game and most likely answer most questions you might have. If you have a question, just click on the FAQs and Guides link before trying the boards. Given, the FAQs are usually a lot longer and harder to sift through, but they're usually a sure-fire guarantee that you'll get an answer.

User Info: the_action_man

8 years ago#3
^[105] Check the topics
Just like the FAQs help with information, other topics do as well. Check around for a few pages and see if someone else has already asked the same question you have. If you have at least 75 Karma, you can do a Search for keywords. Make sure you keep your Search entry short, since GameFAQs searches for the exact phrase you put in.

If you don't have 75 karma, just check a few pages. If you don't see anything related to your question, go ahead and post.

Keep in mind that there are a few special topics where you can ask the question on the fly and someone will answer it. Don't even worry about reading all the posts in it, just ask your question. Even if it's a repeat, it's much easier to answer 10 questions in one topic rather than 10 questions in 10 different topics.

Lastly, this board is SLOW. Even if you don't get an answer in a few hours, it doesn't mean that we're asses and we're ignoring you. It usually means that nobody is around to answer it. Don't worry though, someone will always come around eventually.

^[106] Rumors = HORRIBLE
There aren't exactly a whole ton of rumors floating about FINAL FANTASY IV, but we can kill off a few rumors right here concerning other FF games on the GBA/DS.

DS Remakes of Final Fantasy V, VI:

Anything else you hear is most likely false. ESPECIALLY any rumors you hear about a Final Fantasy 7 remake for the PS3 from a certain EGM magazine.

^[107] Deleting save games
There is no way to save your game. Sorry.

- End of General files -

User Info: Action

8 years ago#4
~ Version Questions ~

This section covers questions about this version of FINAL FANTASY IV as compared to other versions.

^[201] This was FINAL FANTASY II on the SNES! How come it got mis-numbered?
The original FINAL FANTASY was released for the Famicom system in Japan in 1987. However, the game wasn't released in the US on the Nintendo Entertainment System until 1990. By this time, there was already the superior FINAL FANTASY III released for the Famicom.

The Super Famicom, which was later redesigned and sold as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was released in 1991. Instead of releasing FINAL FANTASY II on the NES, Nintendo simply translated FINAL FANTASY IV and released it on their Super NES under the name of FINAL FANTASY II. Since the REAL FINAL FANTASY II and III had not been released in the USA yet, and Nintendo thought people would be confused by the sudden jump from FINAL FANTASY to FINAL FANTASY IV and changed the name as a result.

For more information, check out Ice Water's informative guide on the FINAL FANTASY transitions:

^[202] What's new in this version?
There are many things new in this version. This section will cover the new content available in this version.

3D graphics and voiced cutscenes
The game has been fully remade in 3D using the graphical style of FINAL FANTASY III for the DS. The entire game has been faithfully recreated based on the original version.

There are about three dozen voiced cutscenes that drive the story. You can skip them if you so choose and they can be viewed from the movie player via the Fat Chocobo (covered later).

Additional storyline elements
There have been storyline cutscenes that have been added in this version. If you've played previous versions, these new cutscenes will simply add more to the story you already know. The translation has also been improved as well.

Probably the biggest change in this version is the addition of Augments. You can customize character’s abilities (think FFV or FFT) using other character’s abilities (Edward’s Sing, Tellah’s Recall, Twin Magic, etc.) and all new support and action abilities (HP+50%, Counter, No Encounters, etc.). You can only equip 4 abilities at a time (Item must always be in your setup) and you can even put specific items/spells (Attack, Fire, etc. in the menu).

New Game +
There is a New Game+ mode in this game. After defeating the final boss you can start a new game and carry over some items and all your abilities. Here is a list of what carries over:

- Adamant Armor
- Onion equipment (and Tails for obtaining the equipment)
- Gold/Silver Apples
- Soma Drops
- Rare summons (Bomb, Goblin, Cockatrice and Mindflayer) and the items to obtain said summons
- Dark Matter
- ALL Augments (those assigned to characters already and those not used)
- The Bestiary
- All Whyt's stats and scores
- Map completion points
- Namingway sidequest points
- All unlocked music and events

New Superbosses
Two new superbosses have been added to this version. Geryon can be fought by examining the tombstone at the summit of Mount Ordeals or the spot where you fight the four Elemental Fiends inside the Giant of Babil. Proto-Babil can be fought on the Moon; to fight him, use the Dark Matter (stolen from Zeromus) on a face-looking rock.

Both of these superbosses will require surgical use of Augments and equipment, including rare equipment. The biggest thing to gain from these battles is Bestiary entries and bragging rights.

User Info: the_action_man

8 years ago#5
^[203] Who's Whyt?
When you first meet Rydia, the meeting is less than pleasent. Once Cecil gains her trust, she will introduce Whyt, her personal Eidolon.

Whyt is a fully customizable Eidolon that Rydia can summon for 50 MP. Once summoned, Whyt will take Rydia's place and fight automatically based on the skills you assign to him at the Fat Chcobo.

If Whyt falls in battle, so will Rydia. You can also use your Whyt to fight wirelessly against other players and their Whyts.

^[204] What's new with the Fat Chocobo?
The Fat Chocobo's role has changed significantly since previous days since the item limit is now gone.

The Fat Chocobo will allow you to view scenes via the Event Theater, listen to music via the Music Box, view your Bestiary or customize/train/battle Whyt.

^[205] What are Whyt's minigames?
Throughout the game, you will unlock minigames to train Whyt's stats. Here's a listing of the minigames and what stat they will train.

- Rydia's Mathemagic Minute ~ Intellect
- Rosa's Measured Meditations ~ Spirit
- Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet ~ Strength
- Kain's High Jump Hijinks ~ Stamina
- Edge's Ninja Blade Glade ~ Speed

Each minigame will be unlocked as you progress through the game. To unlock Cecil's minigame, simply turn him into a Paladin.

^[206] Has the music been changed?
It has been changed to a certain extent. The instrument set has changed but the tunes have all remained the same.

^[207] I JUST GOT KILLED BY [insert enemy here]!! WTF?!?!?!
This version of FINAL FANTASY IV has had a difficulty increase. Most people will notice it once they hit the Tower of Zot and run into Frost Beasts. There are also many other strong monsters throughout the game, such as Chimera Brains, Malboros, Behemoths and Blue/Red Dragons.

The developers have put an increased emphasis on exploiting status effects and other weaknesses in this game instead of brute force. Slow has become a necessity of nearly all boss battles; Protect and Shell play a much heavier role; even items can make or break a boss battle.

^[208] This version is really easy. Why is that?
Yeah, so what were your levels again? Here's what SBAllen recommends for each boss:

Mist Dragon: 11-12
Octomammoth: 13-15
Antlion: 16-17
Mom Bomb: 18-20
Scarmiglione: 19-21 (Cecil 21-24)
Baigan: 22-24
Cagnazzo: 23-24
Dark Elf: 26-29
Magus Sisters: 28-31
Barbariccia: 28-31
Calcabrina: 29-32
Golbez: 29-32
Dr. Lugae: 35-37
Rubicante: 39-41
Asura: 43-44
Leviathan: 44-45
Demon Wall: 47-49
Odin: 48-50
Bahamut: 52-55
4 Elemental Archfiends: 56-58
CPU: 56-58
White Dragon: 60+
Lunasaur: 63+
Plague Horror: 63+
Dark Bahamut: 66+
Ogopogo: 66+
Zeromus: 68+

With these levels, you should make it through Zeromus with most of your party intact and with relatively little trouble.

Once you get beyond Lv. 60, you should have no problems beating Zeromus.

User Info: Action

8 years ago#6
^[209] I hear about glitches in this game. Is that true?
The following glitches are known glitches in the JP version ONLY. Glitches that carried over to the US version will be covered in a little bit.

- Viewing the Bestiary from the on-deck Fat Chocobo as soon as you get the Lunar Whale will crash the game.

- Random encounters on beaches can lead to crashes (especially around Mysidia).

- Sometimes the music can cut out in Bahamut's Cave or the Cave of Summons.

Here is a listing of glitches that were in the JP version that we know have carried over to the US version.

- The Namingway event can disappear when you reach Troia. To prevent this, talk to Cheatingway at the NE side of town and then talk to the woman inside the Pub and order some milk. Doing will continue the Namingway sidequest; leaving Troia before you complete this section of the quest will result in the Namingway sidequest becoming STUCK and you will be unable to continue.

- If you THROW an Earth Hammer (or certain other weapons), it's possible to target multiple enemies. However, damage will only be done to one enemy, and will occasionally cause crashes.

- In the Antlion's Den, you can fight a battle with a Goblin on an airship. To do so, head to the Antlion's Nest and head to one of the ends of the cut off sections, you can run into the random encounter.

Here is a listing of glitches that were in the JP version but I don't know if they have carried over (help me out, guys!)

- If you get into a random battle or open a chest at the same time you complete a floor of a given map, you will not receive the item for completing that map

- It's possible to slip through the polygons on the left side of the left staircase on the Lunar Whale. You can get out through another one of the staircases, though.

- It's possible to bring White Magic effectiveness greater than 100%. This will mean that spells like Hold will work every time you use it on susceptible enemies. The easiest way to trigger this is to equip a Cursed Ring and a Minerva Bustier on Rosa. However, enemy white magic used against that character will ALWAYS work. Supposedly, getting Rosa's Intelligence stat below 45 is enough to cause this bug.

User Info: the_action_man

8 years ago#7
~ Storyline Questions ~

This section covers questions that pertain to the storyline.

^[301] How do I beat Dark Knight Cecil?

Sure, you CAN defeat the Dark Knight on your own by attacking and healing yourself, but it's completely unneccesary for you to do so. Not to mention it completely defeats the point of the trial in the first place.

^[302] Is the Kain in FINAL FANTSY IV the same as the child Kain in FINAL FANTASY II?


Short answer: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO!!

Long answer: Seriously ... any evidence that you see online is nothing except pure conjecture. The ONLY evidence that supports a theory is the fact that the child in Deist wants to grow up and be a Dragoon like his father.

Let's think about this logically; the timeline is crucial in all of this. If the child Kain WERE to grow up into the adult Kain, there would be a span of roughly 16-24 years between FINAL FANTASY II and FINAL FANTASY IV.

However, the worlds between FINAL FANTASY II and IV are completely different; in roughly 16-24 years, the entire world would have to be reshaped. Any basic knowledge of tectonics would clarify that tectonic plates simply can't move that fast. The world in FINAL FANTASY VI was reshaped, but that was due to Kefka's intervention; had this been the case between II and IV, there would have been SOME record of it in IV. There is NO evidence in IV to support such a theory.

The kingdoms in IV have been established for generations. Baron, Damcyan, Fabul and even Eblan have all been there for quite a few generations. In addition, Baron has established itself as a supreme power due to its airship powers. If IV were following II, these kingdoms would simply pop up out of nowhere. Also, in the span of 16-24 years, each kingdom would establish their specialty; Baron as an airship power, Eblan as a ninja specialist, etc. Needless to say, it is completely impossible for this situation to exist; great kingdoms don't simply pop up overnight.

Cid is another great example of how the games are not connected. In IV, Cid is at least 40-50+ years old, meaning that he would have been present in II. In II, Cid dies, meaning that the two Cids cannot be the same. For that matter, it is also established that Cid (in IV) has been making airships for the King of Baron for quite some time. If the two games were connected, Cid (not to mention the kingdom of Baron) would have been present as well; since II has neither, it's impossible for them to be connected.

There is NO reference to the Crystals from IV in II. Come on ... the Crystals in IV are a vital part of the storyline; if they DID exist in II, the Emperor would have simply obtained the Crystals and unleashed the Giant of Babel on the planet. Sure as hell would have been easier than opening up the underworld and having monsters overrun the planet.

Speaking of the Giant of Babel, the Tower of Babel has been there for quite some time; the game itself says so. Since it exists in IV and not in II, it's impossible for the two games to be connected.

There's one final argument on the subject. THE CHILD NEVER HAD A NAME UNTIL DAWN OF SOULS. This means that the original FINAL FANTASY II and Origins didn't have a name for the child at all.

These are just a few of the stupid arguments I see on the boards. The games are NOT connected AT ALL. Period. Anyone who tries to refute the points I have made above cannot use quotes from in either game because there is nothing in either game to support their claims.

Seriously, if you think the two games are connected, any evidence you can come up with is pretty much pure conjecture.

User Info: Action

8 years ago#8
^[303] The Dark Elf just killed me and I got a Game Over! What's up with that?

That's the biggest thing people miss.

- End of Storyline Questions -

User Info: Action

8 years ago#9
~ Gameplay Questions ~

This section covers questions that pertain to the gameplay.

^[401] How do I beat the Dark Elf?

If you're having trouble with the battle, try casting Silence on the Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon cannot be hit with Tornado for a quick win anymore, so keep that in mind.

Also, have Yang Focus three times and attack; if you have two Flame Claws equipped, you can easily dish out thousands of damage to the Dark Dragon. Also, you can use Upgrade with Cid to make his weapon Flame Elemental.

^[402] I need help with the Namingway sidequest!
Here's a list of each location you will find Namingway and in what order:

-> BARON - Namingway can be found in the west tower (the one where Cecil's Room is). Talk to him and he will go off to find his true calling.

-> MIST CAVE - Mappingway will be found upon entering the Mist Cave and he will give you the WAYFARER'S MAP.

-> KAIPO - Livingway can be found in the same room where you find Rosa. He will show you the Bestiary and add it to the Fat Chocobo menu when you meet Recordingway.

-> FABUL - Recordingway can be found in the Inn. He will show you the Event Viewer and add it to the Fat Chocobo Menu when you meet Campingway.

-> CHOCOBO FOREST - Campingway can be found in the Chocobo Forest just south of Mount Ordeals. He'll buy all your Tents for a flat 300 Gil, so sell him one lone Tent for maximum profit.

-> BARON - Jammingway can be found inside the Weapon & Armor Shop after you defeat Yang in battle (and get the Baron Key). He will allow you to listen to the music of FINAL FANTASY IV and add it to the Fat Chocobo menu when you meet Cheatingway.

-> TROIA - Cheatingway can be found on the northeast side of town, just south of the small plateau. After talking to him, talk to the woman in the Pub behind the counter (the Pub is to the west of Cheatingway and is unmarked on the map).

-> AGART - Puddingway can be found on in the open house on the northern side of town. Give him a Rainbow Pudding and he'll move on.

-> DWARVEN CASTLE - Mopingway can be found in the northeast corner of the Lali-ho Pub. Talk to him again and defeat him in battle to gain the EYE GOUGE AUGMENT.

-> THE FEYMARCH - Lovingway can be found at the northwest corner of The Feymarch. He'll ask Cecil who he's seeing and prompt you for a four-letter name. This will come into play later.

-> MYSIDIA - Weddingway can be found on the left side of the Hall of Prayer. He will give you the ????'S LOVE AUGMENT where the ???? is the four-letter name you gave him in The Feymarch.

-> HUMMINGWAY ABODE - Hummingway can be found in the southeast corner. He will converse with you and then move on to another location.

-> FINAL LOCATION - Goingmyway can be found in one of any locations. When you find him, he will give you the SAFE TRAVEL AUGMENT. Here is a list of locations you can find him:

- Any chocobo forest
- Troia (on the north end of town)
- Underground Lake B1 (near Damcyan)
- Lair of the Father - B1
- Mt. Hobs (Summit)
- Sylph Cave - B2

^[403] The "Wait" option doesn't work!
We've heard complaints here that the ATB's Wait option does not work.

Here's what you need to do. First off, you need to have Wait selected in the ATB. After that, once a character's ATB bar is full and their menu appears, you have to enter a menu. If you simply leave the cursor on the base menu, time will continue to flow.

You'll have to actually enter a menu to stop time from flowing. So keep that in mind.

User Info: the_action_man

8 years ago#10
^[406] How do I beat [insert boss here]?
This section will give you some small pointers on the bigger boss battles that people seem to have trouble with.

NOTE: Slow should always, always, ALWAYS be used. Protect/Shell should be used as you need and Haste is always a bonus.

The color of her eyes denote what types of attacks she will counter.

With white eyes, she will counter physical attacks; use magical attacks. When her eyes are red, she will counter magical attacks; hit her with physical attacks.

Mom Bomb
During the fight, Yang will tell you to "Brace yourselves!" Have everyone Defend at that point or else they will likely be KO'd.

Once the counter drops to 0, Mom Bomb will explode and damage your entire team. Have Yang Kick immediately and try to take out a few of the Bombs that remain.

Make sure to reverse your party order before crossing the bridge.

Scarmiglione is Undead, so he is weak to Fire, Holy and Cure. Palom should Bluff and cast Fira.

When the water rises around his feet, IMMEDIATELY use a Thunder-type spell.

Any Thunder spell or item will do the trick but you may want to use Thunder instead of Thundara/Thundaga because of the lower casting time and the fact that you'll want to avoid Tsunami.

Dark Elf

Utilize Fire-based attacks. Yang, with Fire Claws and Focus in effect, can do some major damage. Cid can use Upgrade to give his weapon a Fire element.

Use Libra and have Rydia summon the corresponding Eidolon who carries Golbez's weak element. Afterwards, Golbez will use Barrier Shift to change his weak element. Repeat the Libra/Summon process.

If you're lucky, you can have Kain Jump and he'll be in the air and survive Golbez's assault.

Dr. Lugae
The easiest method is to use an Elixer on Lugae while Reversal Gas is in effect. This will instantly cause 9999 damage, leaving it with only 2643 HP.

However, you shouldn't need to do that at all. If you have non-elemental weapons equipped, you can damage Lugae at any time, Reversal Gas or no. Case in point? Yang's Cat/Faerie/Hell Claws have no element, so they can be used at any time to cause damage. Combine it with 3x Focus and you have a hefty guarantee of damage.

Rubicante will counter summons by casting Blizzaga on himself. If you cast a Fire-based spell on Rubicante, he will cast Raise on your entire team.

Rubicante will open his mantle; if you have Edge Steal from him, he will close it, thus preventing Inferno. Rubicante has nothing to steal but he will still close his mantle.

If you're feeling gutsy, you can hit Rubicante with Blizzara/Blizzaga and then Steal from him. You will still cause damage but you won't endure Inferno.

CPU (inside Giant of Babil)
Immediately take out the Attack Node so it doesn't spam Laser Barrage. Then take out the CPU and lastly the Defense Node.
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