Easiest and hardest boss?

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User Info: OnePieceSanji

8 years ago#1

Just post your easiest and hardest boss.

For my Hardest, I'd have to say Lunasaur. That thing was hard. Kept on confusing Cecil and Kain, then they ended up killing Rosa, Rydia, and Edge, who were either pigs or frogs by the. Then Cecil kills Kain. Affter that he ends up kiling himself.

My easiest, I'd say Demon Wall. After casting slow on it I just had everyone (Except Edge and Rydia, who were summoning and throwing) attacking it. I didn't get hurt from that battle.


User Info: ignasia7

8 years ago#2
I can agree with you on Demon Wall. There are so many ways to get around to dealing massive amounts of damage to it, even at a low level.

Hardest, not counting the new optional bosses, for me was a draw between CPU and Dark Bahamut. CPU's opening was painful to get around in killing attack node (first time it went twice before I could summon ramuh, second time summon went through, and the battle was cake). Dark Bahamut surprised me, and I nearly died from using the wrong attacks on him, and getting slammed by two megaflares in the first round (even that flare is a pain, and kept me from getting everyone up early, plus I didn't have Omnicasting equipped, which only made things slower).

Other than that, maybe the first battle with Scarmiglione. I didn't expect the counter attacks from physical and fire spells (which nearly killed me my first game).
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User Info: Spenstah

8 years ago#3
My easiest was defidently Asura. Just reflect her and she can't stalemate you.

My hardest is an obvious choise too: Barberica. The damage I did to her just wasn't enough to win it for me, and Kain's jumps were too slow. Then I realized that Recall was better on Cecil that yang for this fight, and it saved my butt. Later, when I used SBAllen's FAQ over Obashii's, I still gave recall to Cecil and it still helped a lot.
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User Info: SapphireOfChaos

8 years ago#4
Hardest boss? Well, first playthrough (without proper knowledge), I'd have to say CPU... I got killed so many times by that Attack Node, it wasn't even funny... It also didn't help when I accidentally killed both Nodes and the CPU just went AWOL and started Object 99'ing my party, and then reviving the Nodes afterwards... I probably fought them about 5 times before I got it right... -_-; My second hardest would probably be Dark Bahamut (stupid Megaflare-start and Megaflare combo tactic)...

Easiest? Well, that's kinda tough... I think the one I had relatively few problems might've been the Magus Sisters... It wasn't too long in-battle before I recognized their tactic, and then beat them... Scarmiglione maybe afterward, once I found out how easy he could be (one Elixir = death instantly)...

These are just for me though... I'm sure there are many other different combos for other people...
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User Info: pokepalkia

8 years ago#5
easiest: lunasaur... why? 4 elixirs=dead
hardest hmm.... perhaps cpu.. the damn attack nod keept on spamming laser barrage O_O
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User Info: MelTorefas

8 years ago#6
i agree with ignasia7. demon wall barely moved before i killed him, but dark bahamut i wasnt expecting. flare and megaflare counters almost pwned me hard

User Info: DancingCalca

8 years ago#7

Easiest: Ahriman

Hardest: Barbariccia

Ahriman was easy. Even with the death count put on Cecil, I was able to cut him down in no time. He was definitely the easiest.

Barbariccia was hard for me. I kept getting pwned by her lightning counter. Even with Cry and Dualcast, I still lose sometimes. She's the hardest Elemental Archfiend, in my opinion.
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User Info: themoogleking

8 years ago#8
Easiest was Plague Horror, what a joke of a boss. Give it 10x as much HP and then we'll talk.
Hardest was probably Octomammoth for me, until I found out that he's Poisonable atleast.

Obviously, Proto-Babil as well.
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User Info: NorseFTX

8 years ago#9
The hardest for me was probably CPU, as someone else mentioned. Other than the Red Dragon in the chest, CPU was the only other time I got a game over on my first playthrough...XP

The easiest was probably either the Ahriman boss that someone mentioned, who just casts Doom on your party but doesn't do much else, or Demon Wall.
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User Info: Duthos

8 years ago#10
Easiest? Barbiccia, seen how she is dressed? Practically giving it away.

Hardest? Rube, with them pinchable nipples fer sure.

...huh? Difficulty? Oh, uh, well, never mind then.
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