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User Info: Ax3_Warri0r

8 years ago#1
So after hearing a bit on how to get an augment by completing a side-quest at the Lali-Ho Pub, I went and tried to do it and I accidentally used the Lustful Lali-Ho in my inventory screen. Now I can't find a way to get it back. I've tried talking to the bookshelf but I don't get anything. The guides don't mention how to get it again if you waste it, so does anyone here know how to? Thanks in advance, I really just want to stop farming for Rainbow Puddings since it's been a couple hours.
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User Info: obishawn

8 years ago#2
If you have any Ninja Sutras, they can be used in stead. There are 3 (I think 3, maybe a few more) in Eblan Castle. If you cannot go to the castle right now, dont' worry about it. You can get this augment at anytime. The Ninja Sutra that is easiest to find is the one directly behind the throne in Eblan castle. - Rockin Samus' face off!

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