If you need help with Rosa's minigame...

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User Info: Magicman657

6 years ago#1
...then you are in luck.

I finally got around to doing all the minigames on my actual copy of FFIV DS and so of course, I had to do that silly timing minigame. To make it MUCH easier to accomplish, I actually took about 10 minutes and created a little tool to make it easy to track exactly how long to hold the stylus down. Because I am so kind, I've done you all the favor of uploading it so you may also benefit from it. Yes, you can use a stop watch, but I find that pressing the space bar is much easier and it's a lot easier to visually see the timeline than it is to watch for the number. F1 opens the help.

* (stupid legal stuff) Note that while I can't possibly imagine how anything this simple could do so, by downloading it you agree that I assume zero liability for anything that occurs as a result of it's usage.

Hopefully at least one person will find this useful. Enjoy.
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User Info: Enfinete

6 years ago#2
Will I kill the topic if I said such thing already exists in place? At least I used one like that a couple years back to get 9999 myself.

But seeing how I don't know where it is anymore, I still appreciate it :P (not that I have any reason to go back to minigames).
"The Story will become Legend...." - From Riviera: The Promised Land
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