Time to sell some stuff. Got questions too (Possible Spoilers)

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User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#1
Okay I just beat Rubicante and now I think it is time to get rid most of my old equipment. I sold the obvious stuff like the Hammers and Claws. Is any of this worth keeping?

First, here is what I have equiped:

Cecil: Ogrekiller, Ice Shield, Lustrous Helm, Ice Armor, Giant's Gloves
Rosa: Killer Bow, Ice Arrows, Gold Hairpin, Sage's Surplice, Rune Armlet
Kain: Dwarven Axe, Mythril Shield, Mythril Helm, Mythril Armor, Giant's Gloves
Edge: Ashura, Kunai, Green Beret, Black Belt Gi, Giant's Gloves
Rydia: Whip, Gold Hairpin, Luminous Robe, Rune Armlet

Now foe the big list of stuff:

Mythgraven Blade
Blood Sword
Sleep Blade
Flame Sword
Ice Brand
Wind Spear
Ice Lance
Flame Rod
Ice Rod
Thunder Rod
Healing Staff
Great Bow
Fire Arrows
Ice Arrows
Lightning Arrows
Silencing Arrows
Mythril Shield
Flame Shield
Leather Cap
Head Band
Green Beret
Prison Garb
Leather Clothing
Black Belt Gi
Knights Armor
Flame Mail
Iron Armlet
Power Armlet
Mythril Gloves

Whew. What a list. Is any of this junk worth keeping or equipping?

Now for the questions:

Is it worth it to buy the Members Writ now (or as soon as I return to the Overworld if I cant get it now)?

Does ???'s Love have any use other that stat maxing (for me at least)? I know you can make it stronger with wireless Whyt battles but I can't do that. I didn't do very much with Augments in my last playthrough So I never tried it. I didn't even have Dualcast. Plus I didn't want to grind for Rainbow Puddings.

User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#2
Sell any but Blood Sword and Mythgraven Blade. You will probably like BS for Pink Tail farming (it reduces damage from their attacks), and Mythgraven is needed for Excalibur. Everything else is pretty much junk at this point. You'll be getting much better equips for everyone soon, if you decide to search the Feymarch and Sylph Caves after you get the Falcon airship.

Buy Member's Writ whenever you like, you need it to get Gil Farmer augment.

Yes, ?????'s Love has use. In the iOS version, you have to have Cecil use Cover to make it stronger. Each battle you use Cover gives it +1 Attack, up to +99.

User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#3
Does covering with Cecil strengthen it in the DS version? That would be great if it does.

User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#4
No. Just Whyt battles or (if you're like me and stranded) Action Replay cheats.

User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#5
Oh. Well that sucks.

Thanks for the help.

User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#6
Does the game force me into a New Game+? I want to beat the final boss but I don't want to start a NG+ yet because I want to farm for Tails and a Rainbow Pudding.

I just got to the Moon and IIRC I can go to the Lair of the Father now (I think that is what it is called). And then I need to return to Earth with Fusoya.

User Info: kratos9797

4 years ago#7
Mythgraven Blade
Ice Brand
Ice Lance
Flame Shield

First off you cannot sell the Mythgraven Blade. Second sell everything except what I listed above and then buy the following equipment.

1x Flame Shield
1x Ice Armor
2x Diamond Helmets

Buying the above equipment will provide Cecil/Kain with protection from all 3 main elements until you get their better equipment from the moon.

Also If you did not do so already you really should have the Mythgraven Blade forged into Excalibur.

The reason I suggest keeping Kain/Cecil's ice weapons is that they come in really handy if you want to power level in the path to the Feymarch using the summoner/arachne trick before you get your best weapons since the arachnes are weak against ice.

gamerman57 posted...
Does the game force me into a New Game+?

No it doesn't, you must save after the ending credits in order to start a ng+.
Kratos9797, Official leader of the Shieka Shadow Corp and member of the Knights of Safe Haven.

User Info: NasirJones

4 years ago#8
You can beat the final boss and go back and fight through other stuff like tail farming.

When you reload, it'll be at your last savepoint.

When you do start a NG+, be sure to save in a NEW file that you don't want anymore.

User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#9
Okay. Now I am about to enter the lunar subterrane hopefully getting Treasure Hunter. When (if I even decide to) I beat the Final Boss, I'll either save in a different slot or not save at all.

User Info: gamerman57

4 years ago#10
Well, I made a mistake. A big mistake. I decided to see what was so special about Flan Princess's.

Everyone got Berserked immediately and I couldn't escape. I didn't even finish the battle. I just shut the DS off and put Black 2 in. There goes a lot of progress. Gone. I doubt I'll play this for a couple days. Well, next time I'll know not to do that.
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