Help! Will not work on my 3DS!

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  3. Help! Will not work on my 3DS!

User Info: Ethelinda

4 years ago#1
I have put it into my friends DS; the game works fine.

I put it into my 3DS and it says no game is inserted. I have blown on it, used a soft toothbrush with very gentle brushing, and I am now out of ideas. Help! :(

User Info: Chaosmaster00

4 years ago#2
No bueno. I got nothing. It's more than likely the system, not the game, then. Is it a legit retail copy?
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User Info: 15ATAC

4 years ago#3
i'd vote it is your 3ds. i am playing on mine and no issues.

User Info: knightmere122

4 years ago#4
You probably got a pirated game.
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User Info: SuperSah

4 years ago#5
Works fine on my 3DS.

I hope you fix it:(

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#6
Maybe one of those bootleg games. It's easy to confuse them with the original ones.

User Info: HandsomeNerd85

4 years ago#7
Works for my 3Ds and my XL. Hmm. Diddy Kong Racing had me take the cart out twice for it to be recognized.
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  3. Help! Will not work on my 3DS!

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