I hated FF12...

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User Info: ewalk

5 years ago#1
But I just found out about this game. This just seems like an all better version. Did the US get stiffed?

Did this come out before or after the NA FF12?

User Info: TirpitzLuminare

5 years ago#2
This came out after. It was never released in the states. However there is a translation patch you can apply to have it in 99.5% English.

Although if you hated FFXII, I really don't see why you would think you would enjoy this version any better. From my experience most people hated this game because of either the story or the game presentation (i.e. set up more like a MMO than other FF's), neither of which are any different from the original.

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User Info: Balthier2009

5 years ago#3
I guess it can change depending on which part of FFXII you hated (or hated the most if you just hate XII in general). If you hated the gameplay then you may or may not like this. I'd say give it a go. But if what you hated was the story or the design or ivalice, then these changes won't do anything to change your perspective of this game.
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User Info: colin_kern

5 years ago#4
I never like the RPGs where every character can learn every skill and spell, so I thought this was a huge improvement. I do wish they'd spent a little more time on the license board designs though, instead of just "all accessories over here, all weapons over there, all spells up there, etc."

User Info: Nachash91

5 years ago#5
The whole speedup idea is one of the best, and yet simple, idea for an rpg.

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