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User Info: Ronikth2142

5 years ago#1
I have been deliberating between the original and IZJS versions of FFXII for a long time. I love all of the quality of life additions to IZJS such as the speed increase, changes to loot respawn, AoE spells, and general changes to skill/items. However, the thing I dislike most about the system in IZJS is the emphasis on swapping out and using as many characters as possible.

This seems really clunky to me, and I prefer being able to make a smaller, more efficient team of 3 character like in earlier games, without the sheer restrictions of each class. My question is, how viable is it to play through the game only using 3 characters as much as possible? I don't intend to do the trials or optional bosses most likely, so minmaxing isn't a concern for me I would hope.

Recommended group setups? I really wanted to do Knight, White Mage, and Time Mage, but that might be lacking far too much damage output. would I run into too many walls during my playthrough?

User Info: Archiantagonist

5 years ago#2
If you don't plan to go for optional bosses and trials then go with any party you like,
cos' you will beat the main game no matter what

User Info: Melodia

5 years ago#3
I got through the entire main game and most of the hunts (all but the two in the Necrol, second form of Gilgamesh, and the last set after Pharos) and espers (the 'easy' optional five) with just Fran-Knight, Ashe-Samurai, and Penelo-Archer, treating it as a game over if the game kicks me to the party screen.
I stopped at level 65 though as the two main level to 99 spots just aren't going to work, and I don't feel like wailing on skeletons for hours...
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User Info: ZekuMusashi

5 years ago#4
My question is, how viable is it to play through the game only using 3 characters as much as possible?

That's perfectly viable.
I'd still maybe have a backup team around, in case of a team wipe / to change things up a bit every now and then
but by no means is swapping characters a requirement.

If you've got a White Mage, Knight's healing is redundant - without that, there's mostly physical damage left and there are other Jobs
that cover that area similarly well if not at times better (e.g. Uhlan / Samurai / Hunter) who also have further functionalities to offer.

Time Mage isn't necessarily a Job I'd recommend for your first paythrough, Haste isn't as much of a priority as in the original.
Still, TMs can be fun so do use one if you want to.

To somewhat build upon your Knight / WM / TM team, how about ...

Monk - Vaan
Ashe - Samurai
Penelo - Time Mage

Monk (backed up by other Jobs to cover low and mid-level healing) is a White Mage replacement that's a very good bit sturdier
and brings both better physical damage and added utility in e.g. physical Breaks (and innate Steal on Vaan).

Ashe makes the best Samurai and brings low-level healing (innate Cure) as well as decent to awesome magical offense (Shades of Black).
Add to that the ability to (expertly) use Genji Gear and you've got a more than decent Knight replacement, I dare say.

Time Mage rounds the team out with mid-level healing (unlocked via Adrammelech) and lots of (de)buffs (including magical Breaks).
Penelo actually has a slight delay with Crossbows but her great MAG is probably worth that tradeoff, if you disagree, use Fran instead.
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User Info: ZekuMusashi

5 years ago#5
Other teams that should work nicely, just because:

Monk (yay Vaan / Fran)
Red Mage (female for innate Cure)
Archer (Basch FTW)

Team Versatility, their abilities complement each other very well, IMO.

White Mage (yay Vaan / Balthier for innate Steal and good STR for Holy Rod / Defender)
Black Mage (preferrably female)
Uhlan / Hunter / Breaker (Basch for Libra if you didn't pick Hunter)

Team Specialists, a bit simpler but no less efficient / deadly, Black Mage is quite beastly.
Samurai (Ashe) in the Black Mage's place is also a possibility and frees the third slot up a bit by covering Libra.

Knight (I like Steal on one)
Red Mage (female)
Hunter (male for better STR)

An alternative to "Team Versatility" above, stronger in melee / tanking but a bit weaker in the support department, what with
- no AoE versions of Protect / Shell / Esuna unless you gimp RM's damage options,
- Knight getting Curaja a good bit later than Monk (so yay abusing Darkga to heal with Demon Shields on everyone),
- less Item Lores (Pheasant Netsuke making Phoenix Downs an instant Arise is useful if you do decide to tackle harder marks etc),
- no Breaks (again, most useful for optional stuff)
Still, a more than sufficient team for both the story and optional parts.
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User Info: Archiantagonist

5 years ago#6
Great post there Zeku. Finally "playing the player, not the cards" x_^

User Info: stimuz

5 years ago#7
My favorite team so far has been Breaker/White Mage/Black Mage. Runner up for me has been Archer/Time Mage/Knight. It depends on your preference obviously. I do like to have at least one self sustainable 3 man group with at least most of the major buffs and a class capable of being a heavy hitter, if not two. The Breaker/WM/BM is obviously lacking in haste, though.

User Info: stimuz

5 years ago#8
Oh yeah, on your WM/TM/Knight team it would actually be extremely powerful. Knight is probably 4th highest damage dealer vs neutral with Tournesol nearly tied for 3rd imo, probably 2nd or even 1st vs holy weak with Excalibur. Knight also has access to very good early game weapons like Deathbringer/Durandal(if you want to bother with it)/Bloodsword A, definitely an advantage over Samurai/Uhlan for the majority of the game. Time Mage as a damage dealer is, in my experience, higher than archer vs neutral mobs... weather permitting of course. Takes a while to catch up to Flame Bow, though. You'll also be stuck with Penetrator X-bow for a while.

So I'd say Pros:

-Bravery on a support and not a hybrid
-Free Haste/Berserk on one of the strongest melee classes
-3 competent healers if the fight calls for it
-Strong CC on TM
-Powerful early game


-Tournesol is very annoying to farm
-No phys breaks, but I believe that team can work around it
-No AoE
-No blind until black bolts
-No item user

User Info: Ronikth2142

5 years ago#9
I really just wanted a Knight in my party because I like the idea of a heavy armor tank. Really, anything that falls under that category will do for me. I didn't think the Time Mage was that bad, but evidently it doesn't bring that much to the group.

What all classes make good tanks?

User Info: ZekuMusashi

5 years ago#10
Breaker is a prime choice for Heavy Armor'd tank.
Like mentioned above, Breaker / WM / BM is a strong team that covers a lot of ground.

Hunter is also pretty good, slightly less proficient at evasion (barring Main Gauche / Hunter's Blade F)
but with some nice "backup" HP for e.g. evasion-ignoring enemies.

Samurai and Monk both have high HP and decent (or, with Masamune I + Genji Gear, great) evasion.

But really, a tank is not really ever necessary - even a (stealing team leader) White Mage did just fine in my experience
and actually works out nicely in that, by drawing enemy attention to the WM, the other two can go to town
with their HP mostly undisturbed so that Focus / Serenity stay active longer and fights are over faster.
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