lv 99 chocobo or bazar

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User Info: Archiantagonist

5 years ago#11
TirpitzLuminare posted...
Are you chain spawning him or just randomly seeing if he is up? 8 Hours for the drop, any drop for that matter doesn't seem quite right to me.... Chain spawn method has never taken me longer than an hour to yield the Hunter's Blade F.


You probly should make a vid.
It actually surprise me that while there are plenty of videos showing how to beat Larva Eater
(which is in fact the most boring and useless part) I wasn't able to find any showing how to effectively spawn/farm him

PS: Why do you type "Tirpitz" at the end of every post?
We know who you are, your username is right next to your post ))

User Info: TirpitzLuminare

5 years ago#12

Habit, I've done it that way for a really long time.

Anyway in regards to a video, I don't have the time. Besides once you get the "Chain Spawning" method going, and have a max Chain that's all there is too it. Just patience really, RNG is RNG you just never know. Personally as I have said on numerous occasions I have done this 10 or so times; original version as well as IZJS, and it has never taken that long. Honestly it takes longer to get the chain spawning going with dealing with Necrophobes that it ever has getting the drop. For me at least. Multiple times I got 2-3 Hunter's Blade F's/Danjuro's in from a single drop.

However DarkSamurai21 said he was on hour 8 of LE. I don't know if he meant trying to spawn him, or waiting on the drop. I can see not using the Chain-Spawning method taking 8 hours to get him to spawn. I cannot imagine spending 8 hours waiting on the drop if you are chain spawning him. The odds just don't favor it. The longest I ever spent farming a drop was like 2-3 hours (forgot how long exactly), which was the Evil Spirit for the Dragon Whisker L, which included a few "oops" moments of breaking my chain.

Anyways don't want to hijack this thread. As for the LVL. 99 Evil Red Chicken. Use the RNG save yourself some wasted time. I haven't farmed the stuff for the swords since the discovery of the RNG on the Red Chicken, however I wouldn't do it any other way now that it has. Plus get yourself some Ribbons while you're at it.

Hope This Helps,
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User Info: DarkSamurai21

5 years ago#13
Sorry I didn't check back after my last post, I didn't trust myself using sleep and poison on the necros as to not break the chain, so I just ran that loop of mom bombs by way gate XX until the LE spawned. It takes 255 bombs blowing up in my face and then a random number between 30 and 255 to spawn him the second time on... He spawned on average once an hour with this method (game sped up).
I had chain level 4 from the barons outside and that means a 13% drop rate, getting it on the 8th spawn is actually better than the odds. I have no idea how you get 2-3 to drop at once. I didn't want to mess with the RNG, so I felt this the easiest way, perhaps I was mistaken.

User Info: TirpitzLuminare

5 years ago#14
Necrophobe method IMO is much easier. Once you get that part done its just about zoning back and forth until he spawns. Multiple drops are like anything else in the game, random. With a max chain you will notice you get more of everything. Sometimes you get multiples of the rarest drop, in this case the Hunter's Blade F.

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