Mavelle (confirm or deny something I heard)

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User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#1
A few places seem to acknowledge a unique way of obtaining Mavelle.

It works like this:

Refuse both Ashlay AND Cyuss.
Refuse Phia.
Refuse Ioshua.

It essentially means having two party members all the way up to when you go to Ionis.

Then, supposedly, Mavelle joins you if *no one else* has. This is counter-intuitive to the fact that normally you need Ashlay or Ioshua.

Has anyone ever tried this? Is this a real thing?

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#2
Huh, okay, I managed to find a topic that says if you refuse Cyuss, Ashlay and Ioshua, Phia will *leave*.

Is she forced into your party if you don't have Cyuss or Ashlay, but then leaves if you refuse Ioshua? When does she leave?

This is very odd.

Two things don't make sense to me:

1. Why does Phia leave only if you refuse Ioshua? You'd think the two had no connection.

2. Why does Mavelle join when you have no one else? Does she give a reason, or is it just the game saying 'Okay, you have too few party members so we're forcing one in'? If that's the case then why does Phia leave you? o_0

God, the recruitment mechanics in this game are CONFUSING!

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#3
Ok, so Phia early on is not forced into your party, and apparently Mavelle joins if no one else was recruited. Still not clear if Phia-early joining and then leaving affects Mavelle's recruitment, or if you have to refuse everyone.

One person said that they did not release Phia from jail and didn't recruit anyone, and Phia would not join later in the game, so there appears to be a way people can screw themselves over with Phia if they don't deal with her early-game situation right. Whether or not this affects Mavelle I have no idea.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#4
For Mavelle Phia joining temporarily doesn't matter.

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#5
Thanks, yeah I figured it made no difference at all.

It took a very long time, but I think I finally understand all the weird eccentricities of this horribly confusing recruitment system.

Just for fun, try to think of ANY game with a more complicated recruitment requirement system. Can't think of any? Me either.

Sure, Suikodens have 108 stars of destiny, but stars don't usually depend on other weird complicated star requirements. This game takes the cake, holy ****ing cow. For God's sake, there's only nine recruitable characters! Who would have thought picking four out of that nine could be so hard?

Ah, good ol' tri-Ace. Making extremely unneededly complicated systems. It's a good thing I sort of enjoy working with them for whatever reason.

User Info: GodStruck

4 years ago#6
In my current playthrough I refused everybody and Mavelle joined. I was kinda surprised because everything told me she wouldn't...

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#7
Yeah, I actually ended up doing it myself in another playthrough. Within a short amount of time I've beaten this game three times and I STILL haven't seen the special cinematic with Mavelle/Ashlay/Ioshua.

But yeah, I discovered why Phia leaves when you refuse Ioshua. She's essentially an escaped criminal when you choose to refuse Ashlay and Cyuss, which is a very odd contrast to her character otherwise. Ilia doesn't like it when you bring her along, and I think when you see off Ioshua she feels she should probably just leave too.

As for Mavelle, it's weird that Roddick only goes out to convince her to stay if you refuse everyone. Instead of Mavelle sticking around because Ashlay or someone talked to her about the Crimson Shield, Roddick essentially just sweet talks her into sticking around and continuing to have a good time together and she gives in. Or at least I think that's how I remember it going down.. it has been a week or two since I saw that scene. <_<

User Info: killerb255

4 years ago#8
Mavelle is a pain in the ass in general. Follow this flowchart:

User Info: killerb255

4 years ago#9
Logic for Mavelle recruiting:

- If Ioshua is in party Then
-- Mavelle joins automatically
- Else
-- If Ashlay is in party Then
--- Get choice to recruit Mavelle
-- Else
--- If number of optional characters currently in party = 0 Then
---- Get choice to recruit Mavelle
--- Else
---- Mavelle will not join
--- End If
-- End If
- End If
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