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User Info: Zerios

5 years ago#1
No, not having trouble with money, surprisingly.

Just actually surprised compared to SO2, and SO3 that money in this game is ridiculously easy to make. Just had Ilya max machinery to make crafting boost items, and learned that sell for 120~140k without any kind of modifiers, didn't even have max group appraisal to boost up sales to make over 2m in less than 30 minutes spamming boxes to get all the craft boosts while selling the spares.

Pretty sure this wasn't viable in the SNES version, but I played it in moonspeak and ignored crafting so maybe it was.

Is there a money sink down the road, santa I guess?

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#2
Well using Santa for infininite fol/money isn't needed just play Devils Aria at level 8 for a max of 200,000 exp AND almost as much fol per Arche Phoenix being killed.

At level 45 Soul Eater Sword (earth based) + Beserk Ring + Ring of Might (Atlas Ring) + Dragon Roar doing 9999 per it to the phoenix is all you need to kill it if the hits aren't blocked at all.

1 to 2 hours later and I haven't even collected the Van ill City Medal (of the 4 during that) part of the game and I already had PC's over level 100 and easily 500,000+ fol gained then as well.

Though to buy the silver trumpet for 320,000 I just made Philosopher's stones level 10 Alchemy + Lezard Flask then under Identify all sold each one for about 43,000 (so I sold about 10 of them.)

User Info: eidolon24

5 years ago#3
Philosopher's Stone is the way to go. They sell for 390,000 (You can make this higher with Appraising Super Specialty). Make them with Alchemy after you buy the Lezard Flask.

Another way is by defeating Gabrielle Celeste. He/She drops Archangel Armbands. Those things sell for 6.5 million a piece.
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User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#4
Well that I don't recommend as in even at level 130 to 150 AND the best armors made I had th level 10 Devils aria target do either 5000 or 9999 per hit so I barely lasted even 5 seconds into the fight and its barely a 50% item drop rate for those accessories which I'd rather keep over selling them.

So by fighting Arche Phoenixs from level 40 to 130+ I didn't really need any fol at all but did sell those stones at 43,000 fol each to buy the silver trumpet in the first place.

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