Finally beaten Gabrielle Celeste (Earth Difficulty) @ LVL 50!

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User Info: eidolon24

4 years ago#1
Feels good. Pericci + Faerie Dance is awesome! Gabrielle never hit her even once! I had to focus my equipment on HIT and AVD so the battle took longer but it was fun! Pericci was doing 400 per hit but seeing Gabrielle's attacks get blocked all the time was fun.

I used Roddick, Illia, Pericci, and Millie. I'm thinking of substituting Roddick for someone since his HIT and AVD blows. Any suggestions?
"I believe that stories are written and read to rebel against the fact that you only live once."

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#2
Well I couldn't do it with +300 AVD boost equipment and PC's OVER level 100 since I had every physical hit against the level 10 Devils Aria target do either 5000 per hit or the max 9999 and never had guts kick in but I had all my hits against her do 9999 each as well.

Too bad I can't equip the entire party with Bloody Armors to avoid ALL damage and that's because they don't exist in this one but at least she only has 120,000 HP vs's 1.2 million.

User Info: Zerios

4 years ago#3
VeghEsther, you do a good job on over exaggerating... I was expecting something more.

I got a little bored of crafting, hunting down Erys PA's and decided to give Gabriella a try after killing the medusa eyes a few times; playing on a "Universe" difficulty save.

Level.88 Rodrick
- Marvel Sword, best crafting armor for everything but a Sylvan Mail, ring of might/berserker combo.
- Dragon Roar spam.

Level 88 Ilya,
- Dragon Claw, best crafting armor, x1 tri-emblem; x1 anti-petrification amulet.
- Tiger Claw spam.
* This could have been better with another Tri-emblem and a dueling suit, but it wasn't necessary.

Level 83 Pericci
- Dragon Claw, best crafting armor, same set up as Ilya.
- Just melee, the AI didn't want to use power dance or panic dance.

Level 77 Erys
- Did, absolutely, nothing.

Played Devil's Aria, then played the movement speed buff music; seemed to stack, didn't see if multiple songs stacked.

Start off as Rodrick, toss an assault bomb; and then spam Dragon Roar. Gabriella died without killing anyone after like two minutes.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#4
Well I had all PC's at level 100 WITH the best armors and still suffered 9999 damage AT leveled 130 though I could deal 9999 per physical hit to her if I didn't lose 5 seconds into the fight and thats on the games default "earth" mode setting.

and yes I suffered max damage IN second story/evolution against her as well on earth mode.

Yes I had Pericci with a max AVD of 700 AND still had her physical hits connect which still I had be a instant kill.

Yes I had training and enlightenment since both lower all stats turned OFF when I suffered 9999 per hit (only 5000 per hit at level 150) which is still a instant kill since its very easy to be hit twice in a row.

The only difference is that I find Erys worthless I kept Mavelle in the party to fight this super boss.

If I could hack universe mode into this one I'd still barely last 5 seconds into the fight WITH all the best armors equiped at level 130+.

User Info: eidolon24

4 years ago#5
Found a good way of using Roddick in the fight. Illia and Pericci are the main tanks, Roddick as the main damage dealer.

Here's my setup:

Roddick @ LVL 50
-Dueling Sword, Sylvan Mail, generic boots, helm and shield, and RoM/Berserker Ring combo
-Dragon Roar

Illia @ 42
-Dragon Claws, Battle Suit, Kung Fu shoes, generic helm, and Foot Insignia/Gold Earrings
-Tortoise Smash, good number of hits but doesn't push back as much

Pericci @ 47
-Dragon Claws, Kitty Suit, Kung Fu shoes, Kitty Hairband, and Foot Insignia/Gold Earrings
-Normal physical attack to keep distracting Gabrielle and not facing the other way

Millie @ 49
-Rod of the Feather, generic armors, and Shield Ring/Tri-Emblem
-Condition Cure just in case a hit connects

Devil's Aria and then Faerie Dance for the added evasion. I'm contolling Roddick and just go at the back of Gabrielle since AVD of the enemy won't matter that way. He/She goes down with 3-5 Dragon Roars. Illia and Pericci are there to absorb some damage. I'm guessing my setup would've been better with Star Guards but I haven't tried that out since I'm not at the Laboratory yet. Also, for insurance, Illia can exchange Battle Suit with Dueling Suit and Gold Earring with Shield Ring. When she get hits, it will be minimal and the dueling suit will prevent petrification so she can just keep bothering Gabrielle while Roddick stacks up the damage.
"I believe that stories are written and read to rebel against the fact that you only live once."

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#6
Well by the time I got Pericci to join I had ALL the best weapons/armors made PCs at level 130 and still lost the fight when I took 9999 per physical hit and lost 5 seconds into the fight.

Yes as long as I didn't take even 1 hit I could end the battle easily since I had Dragon Roar deal 9999 per hit as well.

Yes by the time I could by even 1 x tri Emblem I still had all PC's at level 130 to 150 AND still lost but I took Roddick, Milly, Mavelle and ilia with me.

But even with a +300 AVD boost for +700 max AVD and NOT have a AVD boost song played before the fight I still had physical hits connect and still did 5000 or 9999 per hit.
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  3. Finally beaten Gabrielle Celeste (Earth Difficulty) @ LVL 50!

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