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User Info: Zerios

4 years ago#1
So, I've been trying to get this PA to trigger and no luck.

According to Rikki's PA Guide, I must not have all the emblems (I haven't done the Muah one), have done PA25, and Erys in the party. I've done all those, even have the doodles in my inventory from Mavelle's PA.

Shaneth21's PA Guide says it can be done anytime, but sure enough it isn't triggering.

For the record, I have done Mavelle's PA for sure; I have a prior save before I branched off and got Erys and I can't trigger the PA.

Ronyx is hanging outside the Inn, so is Erys.
Joshua and Ashlay are at the town's entrance.
Milly is at the board outside the weapon shop.
Periccie is a cat infront of the Item Shop
and Ilya is at the harbor.

...What am I doing wrong?

User Info: Zerios

4 years ago#2
Can''t seem to trigger it either, going back to a older save. Getting Phia this time, doing the precursor PA then getting Erys either.

Oh well.

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#3
I am literally at the exact same point you are and have Erys in the party and have seen the previous painter PA. I'll check it out, although I am in the Muah castle treasury. After this one I believe Astral will be the only one I don't have, so I'll try it then.

User Info: Zerios

4 years ago#4
Thanks I'd appreciate it, just playing through really to see the extra stuff so it pecks at the back of my head.

I'm not sure if what the magic requirement is either; I went on both save files (One with Phia, the other with Peri) with Astral as my second emblem and Sylvant as my 3rd. So that could be it... for some reason?

Was planning to check in a couple hours after I got the 4th Emblem (Muah) to see if it does anything. But as it stands, the thing won't pop up for me.

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#5
I couldn't activate it either. I went around the world activating other PAs thinking it might have a relationship point requirement, but no luck.

I think it's supposed to be after you've collected all emblems, because I *think* that is what this Japanese guide says.

Actually, from looking at the guide's timeline (which is like a little bar with a shaded portion of the game the PA is available), it would seem there are many PAs that require the emblem quest to be finished, but only a couple odd ones need to be done before the emblem quest is over (Millie's cream cheese one in particular).

So yeah, if I'm reading this properly shaneth21's guide is totally wrong. Are you sure you were looking at Rikki's guide? I couldn't find anywhere that stated any PA was unavailable after the emblem quest in that one. I'm pretty sure most of those in shaneth's are wrong and many should read only available *after*. I bet shaneth translated the Japanese guide incorrectly.

I'll check it out.

User Info: unwashed_masses

4 years ago#6
Update: I just got it after completing the emblem quest, so that was what was wrong.

User Info: Zerios

4 years ago#7
Ah, so that was the problem. My PSP cable died so I haven't been able to power it, thanks for all the trouble. Much appreciated.

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