Star Ocean: Second Evolution FAQ V.2 (Read before posting)

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Q: How do I get Bowman?
A: He will ask to join automatically as long as you do not get Precis.

Q: How do I get Ernest?
A: He will join you automatically after the Hoffman Ruins quest if you got Opera, but only if you went to the forest in Arlia with Opera in your party and saw her crashed ship. If you did not do this, Ernest will never be found.

Q: Welch is in this game? How do you get her?
A: First off, you must get past the "Arms Tournament" part of the game, as well as have at least four party members in your group. You then must do a private action in the Lacour Castle Town and you should see her when you head towards the castle. If you hope to get her though you must do so before staying the night in Bowman's house in Linga, or you most likely won't be able to get her.

Q: How do I get Dias?
A: Play as Rena and he will ask to join later in the game.

Q: How do I get Leon?
A: Play as Claude and he will ask to join permanently later in the game.

Q: How do I get Noel?
A: He will ask to join automatically later in the game.

Q: How do I get Chisato?
A: When you first get to Central City, leave the mayor's building and run to your left, do not go straight. You will encounter her then. You will then see her several times after that, and then when you are in the Cave of Red Crystal and you get to an area with a treasure chest that is on a lower level and past a bridged section, go to it and you will see her run by and drop her ID card. Take this ID card to Central City later and find her in the News Room in the Mayor's building. You can then have her join you there.

3. Other Things

Q: Is there anything I should know before getting this game?
A: Several things, the most notable thing being the skill system, several people make the mistake of ignoring this their first time. Every time you level up you will get SP which you will use to learn these skills. You buy them at a certain shop in several towns. And the right mixture of skills will help your character learn certain item creation abilities. They have countless uses and are the only way to get some of the best items and weapons in the game. You can also learn "Talents" from them which help in the item creation and other skills considerably, most characters start with a good amount of talents but you can learn more with patience. Another thing would be is to plan out what party you want early on so you don't miss out on filling your party up, though that isn't too important, you'll just miss out.

Q: Is there anything to do after beating the game?
A: Yes, namely the optional bonus dungeon called the "Cave of Trials". To get there you must save at the last save point in the game, right before the final boss, then head back out of the dungeon and talk to an old man in the Fun City Colosseum. Then you will be warped to a virtual Arlia and then must leave the town and ride the synard to the desert island in the corner of the map.

If there are any other questions that are not listed, post them here and the other people on this board, as well as myself will answer them.

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