Recruiting Opera (HELP)

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User Info: knyxx

8 years ago#1
im confused ,, i didnt saw opera in the bar in hilton ill already done the PA on Krosse w/ 3-eyed man and finish the tournament

sorry for my grammar T_T

User Info: RoscoHowOrigina

8 years ago#2
Have you finished the tournament of arms yet? She won't appear in the bar until the tournament is over.

User Info: knyxx

8 years ago#3
yeah i finish the tournament in lacuer and i lost to DIAS T_T

User Info: KuwagataHero

8 years ago#4
Make sure you're not going into the bar during Private Action. Enter town normally, then go to the bar.

If that doesn't work, or you are doing it right, then I dunno.

User Info: knyxx

8 years ago#5
should i visit mountain palace first?

User Info: VeghEsther

8 years ago#6
No you can only visit the Mountain Palace after talking to the King of Krosse and that can only be done if you talk to Opera via Hilton's Bar.

User Info: Prism Weapon

Prism Weapon
8 years ago#7
If you recruited Ashton you can't get Opera.

User Info: Ao1x

8 years ago#8
You have to lose to Dias, so don't be ashamed.

See 3 eyed man
Complete Tournament of Arms
Go to Hilton, without a PA
Go to the Bar
Make sure Ashton was not recruited.
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