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User Info: guevz_komik

8 years ago#1
*Celine - automatically joins / your choice to keep her or not

*Ashton - talk to the old man and the sailor in Harley before going to Lacour then go to Salva Mines, once you encounter Ashton he will ask to join. Note you cannot get Opera if you get Ashton

*Opera - PA first in Cross about seeing a 3-eyed man. After the Lacour Tournament go to Hilton bar, talk to Opera and tell her you saw teh 3-eyed man. Talk to the king in Cross and ask about her. Go then to the Mountain Palace. Head up, then to the right and Opera will join you. Note you cannot get Ashton if you get Opera.

*Precis - PA in Linga. Rena: go to Precis' house. Claude: find Precis in the item shop where Bowman lives and she will ask to join you.

*Bowman - he will ask to join automatically as long as you do not get Precis.

*Ernest - will join you automatically after the Hoffman Ruins quest if you got Opera, but only if you went to the forest in Arlia with Opera in your party and saw her crashed ship. If you did not do this, Ernest will never be found.

*Welch - get past the "Arms Tournament." Have at least four party members. PA in Lacour Castle Town and you should see her when you head towards the castle. If you hope to get her though you must do so before staying the night in Bowman's house in Linga, or you most likely won't be able to get her.

*Dias - he will ask to join later in Rena's game.

*Leon - he will ask to join later in Claude's game.

*Noel - he will ask to join later in the game.

*Chisato - when you first get to Central City, leave the mayor's building and run to your left, do not go straight. You will then see her several times after that, and then when you are in the Cave of Red Crystal and you get to an area with a treasure chest that is on a lower level and past a bridged section, go to it and you will see her run by and drop her ID card. Take this ID card to Central City later and find her in the News Room in the Mayor's building. You can then have her join you there.

User Info: attending

8 years ago#2
I have a do you recruit noel and cusato if you already recruited opera, ernest, leon, and welch. both were "turned" down at the corresponding story points and i had nothing to say about it? if leon is left behind after the wreck then only one spot left for one recruit. is there a way to empty the party to allow for more recruitment?

User Info: noz3r0

8 years ago#3
Yeah you have to drown someone.
Contributor name: noz3r0
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User Info: guevz_komik

8 years ago#4
to attending

question: who are your present party members?

if you laready have 7 after getting to centropolis then you can only have one... either chisato or noel.

but if you turned down leon, you an have both if you only have six.

kindly be specific on your party members, i mean be specific whom you have as of this time.

User Info: VeghEsther

8 years ago#5
Welch can join with Leon via before entering the Hoffman Ruins but once the boss dies their she can no longer join for the rest of the game.

Also if Welch does join but you want Opera + Erenst + Precis or Bowman, Dias (on a Rena game) + Chisato then Celine can NOT join else Dias will take up slot 8

Lastly the 3 eyed man PA must be done before you board the boat to Hilton else you permanently can't trigger it anymore.

Precis can join before the armory contest if you want her to join as well.
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