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User Info: jherik

7 years ago#1

Will they put this on the PSN for Download?

User Info: shdowpuppet123

7 years ago#2
Most likely not

User Info: TheFlush

7 years ago#3

yeah, this totally sucks. I love my pspgo, but it's really crappy that all the good rpg's like star ocean and FFVII crisis core, tales of eternia etc. are not in the psn store. :-(

User Info: VeghEsther

7 years ago#4
That's exactly why I never bought a PSP Go ie its only playable games are downloadable ones and theirs no way to convert existing UMD games to downloadable format using the PSP Go.

User Info: it_r_over9000

7 years ago#5
I wished to God that they'd put Breath of Fire 3 on the U.S. Playstation Store, but they never did. They put the PSP version of it on the EU PS Store. I love that game and have the original PSX version, but since they never released it on the Store, I just decided to buy a EU English version off Amazon the other day. Got it for 40% off too.
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User Info: Gwelenguchenkus

7 years ago#6
The PSP Go is a joke. It really irritates me that sony releases a more expensive PSP without any way to play the previous UMDs. It doesn't look like they even have plans to release these games any time soon. What a worthles piece of junk. Seriously... it has like no library at all! Sony has really lost their marbles, they're pretty damn disfunctional.
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User Info: SGleader1

7 years ago#7
I actually would have bought a PSP Go if they'd had a conversion method, but yet and still Sony does absolutely idiotic things like this.

And then they wonder why they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales due to pirates. Its because they dont LISTEN to their costumers. So boo hoo Sony, It's your fault for being uninventive and cheap.

I mean pirates have their faults too, but still, Sony is being so freakin'...Agh >~<

/End Rant
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