Does this game need a lot of camera work?

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  3. Does this game need a lot of camera work?

User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#1
Now that I've played SO:TTEoT and SO4, it's time to sink my teeth into what fans hail as the best entry in the series:

Star Ocean 2

I bought a copy on amazon and it's coming in a few days. My friend has a PSP but he said the left stick is very finicky. Any game that uses the stick primarily for moving or for camera is beyond unplayable.

On the field, is it just in a fixed view that pans depending on your position on the map? Looks like it from the few gameplay vids I saw

In battle, is it like SO3 where the camera moves automatically depending on actions such as distance, attacking, casting a spell etc? I'm guessing so. I don't want to watch too much because then I end up watching a lot of it and I don't want to spoil myself. Happened to me on TWEWY :(

I read that you can use the D-pad to move so I'm just hoping camera isn't an issue.
Bleh! Don't you just hate it when you play online, and you're paired up with a team full of Johnny's against a team full of Davids?

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
4 years ago#2
No the camera isn't an issue at all :p, for the most part it's always on the character you use.
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User Info: voymasa

4 years ago#3
The camera work is fine in this entry. In battle the camera tracks the leader, and you can hold the square button to pan out to show the whole field (or change the setting in the configuration screen).
Action is much faster than in the 3D entries, partially because sprites in the 2D load and run faster than their 3D model counterparts.
Overall it is an excellent entry in the series. On some points I've found SO:First Departure (the SO1 PSP entry) to be better (such as storywise, and character choice presentation, ie the characters seem to be more part of the story rather than a sidequest), but I like the special arts and character progress a tad more in this entry.
I'm attempting to put together a character recruitment chart similar to the ones posted for SO:FD, but I have to find the time. Namely there would have to be distinctions for the characters that Claude can get or Rena (specifically, Leon for Claude, and Dias for Rena, though Leon joins temporarily in each story).
Enjoy, though there are plenty of ways to uber-power your characters early on (see Lingus Mountains, or the Marvel Sword trick from the Goodie Box).
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  3. Does this game need a lot of camera work?

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