Help! Can't get "Classified Information" sidequest to work!

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  3. Help! Can't get "Classified Information" sidequest to work!

User Info: KuroKaze333

4 years ago#1
I'm going absolutely crazy right now trying to get this stupid sidequest to work. I went to North City, found out I needed the password. Then I talked to both of the guys in Princebridge, then I tried to do the PA with Chisato in Centeropolis. I ended up getting some PA about eggs and her being a cook, so I completed that and left town. I re-entered town by doing another PA, and Chisato is NOT on the west side of town. She is in her office, but all she says is "This is where I work".

I went back to North City and read every single topic in that library wondering if that was the problem. NOPE. I went back to Centropolis and Chisato is still only in her office saying "This is where I work".

I'm going freaking crazy! Can anyone help me?

User Info: voymasa

4 years ago#2
Okay, first of all, did you at least give Chisato her ID back from the Crimson Crystal Cave?
Let's see, you obtained the Psynard, check.
Did you talk with the Mayor Nall and obtain the Fields of Power, Love, Wisdom, etcetra quest?
Instead of going for the Classified info quest right after obtaining the Psynard, I went back to Centropolis to "check in" before traveling Nede. I don't think that has anything to do with the quest though.
Did you read all of the files (all of the subtopics in each file) and then try the Classified Info? Do it again anyway.
Did you talk with Dr. Liefarth (sp?) afterwards? Do it again after rereading the files.
Did you talk with Dr. Parel about Dr. Leifarth's "questionable" research? (I did before talking to Leifarth, for the "extended" dialogue, but also talked to him after Leifarth as well, so I don't think that affects it). Talk to Dr. Parel again after Leifarth.
Now that he has expressed the need for the Password, go to Centropolis and speak with Chisato (I had Chisato in my party anyway; She's a personal favorite) at her desk in her office. If you have to do a PA first that is okay.
Question: Did you do the PA where Rena formatted all of North City Library's computers? Just as a precaution I re-read all of the files again after they were "fixed" (I re-read them after arriving back with the Psynard).
So far I have gotten the Password from Chisato fine, and given it to the Librarian in North City, and now I have to wait for my trip to the Symbological Weapons Research Center before continuing this side quest. I hope my suggestions help.
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  3. Help! Can't get "Classified Information" sidequest to work!

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