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User Info: VandorLee

4 years ago#41
VeghEsther posted...
Its not impossible the guts activation rate at 255% isn't 100% of the time its not even a 50% activation rate at 255% so yes even at max level and guts at 255% I could still have it never trigger on any party member at all and its not possible to reduce Stone Rain/Earthquake from 9999 to zero unless your invincible towards the attack (bloody armors/helms.)

Like I posted on other games message boards nothing I do is "impossible" when I play any games.

Well unlike those videos the games RNG hates me so that guts never kicks in even with it at 255% and theirs at least 1 youtube video where the user had 3 of the 4 party members hit by earthquake limiter off and NOT have guts kick in at all on the said video.

Even if that were the case, which you fail to show a vid but just say theres bound to be one, you are admitting how insanely rare it is.

One day you will come to terms with sucking at this game. Until then you can live in denial on these boards.
"God didn't create humans... No!, Its humans who created God"
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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#42
On most of those youtube videos they did have guts kick in at least 1 time on my files I never had it happen at all even at 255%.

Don't say its impossible for it to never trigger at 255% because of odds of guts triggering at 255% is NOT 100% of the time (but its not over 50% either)

But on most of those videos he didn't open with Earthquake/Divine Comedy at all every time I fought him with the limiter off I had 1 of those 2 moves always be used 5 seconds into the battles before I got a game over.

Fine you want a video here's one:

at the 11 minute mark Earthquake killed like 3 party members at once and guts didn't kick in but the spell wasn't used at the start of the fight but on my files over half of the time I had Earthquake be his only opening move.

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#43
Also in order to null limiter off final bosses other spells Explode/Star/Light Cross I had to use armors and accessories to null it.

But that means Divine Wave can and WILL petrify your entire party at once so if I didn't die from a 9999 earthquake/Divine comedy and never had guts kick in I died via petrification on the entire party.

But the care tablets won't last for the entire battle (and won't have time) to use them on the entire party (1 at a time) before Earthquake/Divine Comedy gets used.
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